The BEST of #NYFW Fall/Winter 2018-19 via #MarcJacobs #MichaelKors #OscarDeLaRenta #TheBlonds #RafSimons & MORE! [vid]


It’s a WRAP for New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2019-19!  Next  stop, London, but before we get to the UK, let’s revisit some of the BEST SHOWS of the WEEK in case you missed out!

Raf Simons-


This season marked Raf’s one-year anniversary in New York, holding a spot as the week’s biggest headliner. Placing everything into context, the collection, dubbed “Youth In Motion,” took cues from Uli Edel’s cult 1981 film Christiane F., which chronicles teenage drug abuse during Cold War-era Germany, and Cookie Mueller and Glenn O’Brien’s mid-1980s tragic-comic play Drugs. The outerwear, tartan suiting, satin cargo pants and latex evening gloves were a particular highlight, and while the literal references presented via the graphic pieces – “Drugs,” “XTC,” “LSD,” “GHB,” “2C-B” – were controversial, they weren’t done in vain. Raf always seeks to raise a dialogue about the things that inspire him, how you react to them afterwards only supplement the story he’s trying to tell.
Simon’s runway was a juxtaposition of classic opulence and contemporary looks for a modern day gentlemen. WATCH the FULL SHOW after the JUMP! Continue reading The BEST of #NYFW Fall/Winter 2018-19 via #MarcJacobs #MichaelKors #OscarDeLaRenta #TheBlonds #RafSimons & MORE! [vid]


NEW VIDEO: #Drake gives away over 990k away in #GodsPlan video! [vid]


Drake’s new video–his latest INITIATIVE is one of the BIGGEST in hip hop history to date. Over the past few weeks, Drake has been very philanthropic and charitable in his everyday life. Now we understand what all of these acts were leading up to. At the beginning of his new video for “God’s Plan”, it starts off explaining that his team gave away all $996,631.90 USD of the video’s budget, which would explain the string of charitable gestures that Drake has taken part in recently.

The resulting visual features some of Drake’s big gestures, including paying for stranger’s groceries, donating $50k towards a student’s college tuition fees and supporting struggling families and more. Take a look!

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#Ciara FINALLY shares 1st photos of #BabySienna! [pics]

The INTERNET is on FIRE that Ciara has FINALLY shared some first baby pics of her and Russell Wilson’s daughter, Sienna! MORE PICS after the JUMP!

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NEW VIDEO: #RemyMa ‘Melanin Magic(Pretty Brown) [vid]


Remy Ma is BACK and I think she finally has a HIT! That wasn’t shade, it was REAL. “Wake Me Up” was ehhh, good for starters, but I think the Chris Brown-assisted ‘Melanin Magic (Pretty Brown)’ may just be the TRICK to position her on the CHARTS for the release of her album ‘7 Winters and 6 Summers’.

The SELF-DIRECTED visual feature some of her ‘Love & Hip Hop’ friends, Yandy Smith and JuJu, along with Chris Brown’s SIGNATURE dance moves. Take a LOOK!! Continue reading NEW VIDEO: #RemyMa ‘Melanin Magic(Pretty Brown) [vid]

#TheObamas UNVEIL their OFFICIAL portraits for the #Smithsonian! [vid]


Barack and Michelle Obama are making HISTORY again….for being GREAT people with integrity? That too, but for much much more.

The Obamas portraits are now part of the Smithsonian. The former first couple appeared on the public stage on Monday, February 12, to unveil their official portraits, a tradition for presidents. All former commander in chiefs’ portraits are hanging in the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C. Continue reading #TheObamas UNVEIL their OFFICIAL portraits for the #Smithsonian! [vid]

#MardiGras WATCH: #KreweofEndymion Parade LIVE! [vid]

Krewe of Endymion Extravaganza 2013 in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome

It’s RAINING, but the Krew of Endymion PARADE is going STRONG! Take a LOOK LIVE here!! Continue reading #MardiGras WATCH: #KreweofEndymion Parade LIVE! [vid]

#RichardPryor’s wife CONFIRMS that he did sleep with #MarlonBrando! [details]

AP Photo/Lennox McLendon, Kobal Collection

Comic icon, Richard Pryor’s wife CONFIRMS that her late husband indeed did have sexual relations with actor Marlon Brando after Quincy Jones’ TELL-ALL interview with OUTED the pairs relationship!

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HOT SHOT of the DAY! Cast of #BlackPanther in #SouthKorea! [pics]


Now is this a GREAT SHOT? The CAST of ‘Black Panther’ in South Korea!

via: THR

The stars of Black Panther kicked off the movie’s international tour this week in South Korea, where key action scenes were shot, and were eager to discuss the political aspects of Marvel’s most diverse franchise. Continue reading HOT SHOT of the DAY! Cast of #BlackPanther in #SouthKorea! [pics]