#GamesPeoplePlay season 1 ep 5 ‘To Live and Lie in LA’ [full ep]

Vanessa feels guilty after being with Bryce; Nia struggles to remember a drunken night on the town with Laila; Eric makes a surprise visit; Marcus wants to start over with Vanessa. Watch episode 5 BELOW!

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#GamesPeoplePlay season 1 ep 4 ‘The Wrath of Grapes’ [full ep]

Vanessa and some of the wives invest in a winery; Laila gets advice from Amber Rose; Nia spends time with her ex- boyfriend, Terrence; Marcus and Kareem have a huge fight; Vanessa reconnects with Bryce, an old flame. Watch episode 4 BELOW!

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#GamesPeoplePlay season 1 ep 3 ‘The Drink of Kings’ [full ep]

Marcus lies to provide Vanessa with an alibi, but he wants something in return; Nia has to go full “tabloid” to make up for losing the Laila exclusive; Laila takes a dangerous assignment. Watch episode 3 BELOW!

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#GamesPeoplePlay season 1 ep 2 ‘ Lover’s Moon’ [full ep]

ia reluctantly interviews Laila for an exclusive exposé; Vanessa and Marcus look for ways to kill the story; Laila gambles and loses, and the NBA Wives make Vanessa an offer she can’t refuse.’ Watch episode 2 BELOW!

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#GamesPeoplePlay season 1 ‘Pilot’ [full ep]

Nia gets a promotion and moves to Los Angeles, leaving her boyfriend in New York; Vanessa finds out her basketball player husband is still cheating on her; Laila is tired of losing auditions and makes a controversial move. ‘Everyone is SUSPECT!’ Watch the pilot below!

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#DonaldGlover & #MoNique are COMEDIC GOLD in new #Adidas adverts for his new line! [vids]


Is there not ANYTHING Donald Glover CAN’T DO?  Rapper, singer, writer, comedian, VISIONARY!!

Glover has TEAMED with Adidas to launch his line of FOOTWEAR. To COINCIDE with this release, Glover curated a series of short films in partnership with Adidas Originals for the launch of his shoe line. Aptly titled Donald Glover Presents, the shoe line will be a reimagining of three classic Adidas shoes: the Nizza, the Continental 80 and the Lacombe. In total, there are five short films: “Timber,” “1985,” “Avocado,” “Dusty” and “Polenta.”

As if GLOVER and SHOE LINE were not enough, he tapped Academy-Award winning actress and comedian Mo’Nique to be featured in each short and their PAIRING is COMEDIC GOLD!

Mo’Nique STEALS the show everytime. Check them OUT! Continue reading #DonaldGlover & #MoNique are COMEDIC GOLD in new #Adidas adverts for his new line! [vids]

WATCH: #TheShopHBO ep 4 #AnthonyDavis #AntonioBrown #JamieFoxx #2Chainz & #JerrodCarmichael [full ep]

HBO Sports is collaborating with LeBron James and Maverick Carter’s digital media company, Uninterrupted, to present the unscripted series The Shop, exclusively on HBO. Offering unfiltered conversation and debate with some of the biggest names in sports and entertainment, the show will air periodically throughout the year.

Anthony Davis and LeBron trade stories about life in the league. Meek Mill breaks down the criminal justice system, and 2 Chainz explains how he got his name. Davis tells LeBron why he’s taking control over his narrative. Jamie Foxx explains why comedians shouldn’t have to be political. Especially him. Antonio Brown explains how his last season in Pittsburgh ended. LeBron praises Kaepernick’s career sacrifice and hopes the football star gets rewarded in the long run and MORE!
WATCH ‘The Shop’ season 1 episode 4 BELOW!

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#KendallJenner #AsapRocky#ShawnMendes & #NoahCentineo STRIP DOWN for #CalvinKlein ADVERT! [pics]


What do you do in your ‘CALVINS’!?  Well some SUPER HOT CELEBS are TAKING IT ALL off in the latest ADVERT for Calvin Klein!  Kendall Jenner, Shawn Mendes, Noah Centineo and Calvin Klein ALL take it off in the latest PROMOTION for Calvin Klein’s #MyCalvins promotion.

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NEW VIDEO: #Ciara ‘Greatest Love’ [vid]

ciara-greatest love-thegamutt


Ciara is BACK and she is GUSHING about the ‘Greatest Love’ she has ever KNOWN….. I wonder who she’s REFERRING TOO!

I’m sure Future is about to DROP 2 mixtapes tonight that SOUND exactly like the last ones… JUST KIDDING, but not really….

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#AGT SHAKE-UP! #HeidiKlum #MelB #TyraBanks OUT! In #TerryCrews #GabrielleUnion & #JulianneHough!


There is a lot of SHAKING and SHIFTING going on at ‘America’s Got Talent’!  Season 14 is going to look QUITE different!

The new season is going to see the EXIT of Mel B and Heidi Klum and entering judges will be Gabrielle Union and Julianne Hough!  These two will join returning judges Simon Cowell and Howie Mandel. And the HOST with the MOST, Tyra Banks announced her EXIT last fall and is being REPLACED by Terry Crews who CURRENTLY hosts ‘The Champions’ iteration of the HIT SHOW!
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