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Happy Birthday Zam Zhinga! [vid


It’s the 1st of NOVEMBER , so you know what time it is….. MY BIRTHDAY!! So you know that I am the ONE.. so let’s celebrate SONGS with #1 in common!

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#FBF Flashback Friday ‘#1’s’ Happy Birthday Zam Zhinga! [vid


It’s the 1st of NOVEMBER , so you know what time it is….. MY BIRTHDAY!! So you know that I am the ONE.. so let’s celebrate SONGS with #1 in common!

I mean..cause I am THE ONE!!! Continue reading #FBF Flashback Friday ‘#1’s’ Happy Birthday Zam Zhinga! [vid

#TBT Throwback Thursday ‘#1’s’ Happy Birthday Zam Zhinga! [vids]


It’s the 1st of NOVEMBER , so you know what time it is….. MY BIRTHDAY!! So you know that I am the ONE.. so let’s celebrate SONGS with #1 in common!

I mean..cause I am THE ONE!!! Continue reading #TBT Throwback Thursday ‘#1’s’ Happy Birthday Zam Zhinga! [vids]

WAKE UP JAM: Happy Birthday to ME! #MadeForNow! [vid]

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WAKE IT UP…and tell ME HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! That’s right! I am celebrating another YEAR..and I THANK GOD to see..and I thank all of the FANS and FOLLOWERS of the BLOG as well!

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#Disappear- A Poem

via Daily Prompt: Disappear


Close call
Almost felt the
A date on a cold slab
That’s final
So close
Too close to

It has been a hard day’s night
Still moving
Barely grooving
When is the other shoe going to drop
Will it be my own undoing
Or the free will of a cop
That brings me to that grand day
That last day
When it all dissipates
And disappears

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Moods & Moments: #RoJames ‘Permission’ [vid]


Speeding through
Loving you
Smiling while we ride
Before the Ides
Of March
All through the night
Traffic is light

Cruise control
While I maneuver
The curves
So right
So special
Just a vessel
For the fruit
To grow

Now that we’re naked
What shall we do
Run back to the forest
Taste the honeydew
When we
When we
Play with the button
Shift it
Make it
Go faster
Take the HOV lane
All the way
Like a G.

You got the greenlight
Breeze on through the toll
Just me and you
No special arrangements
Don’t make it complicated.
Just ride
Dip low
Then come back down slow.
It’s all entertainment
That’s all I’m saying.

-Zam Zhinga

Just a little something I cam up with while SLEEPY and READy for bed….

Let’s MELT into the NIGHT with RO JAMES’ ‘Permission’….


#Bubble: A Poem

via Daily Prompt: Bubble


Coming from down under
You thought it was rain
But it was just the
Rising ever so slowly
My rise to the top is evident
Even though you treat me poorly
Fahrenheit rises
The ones keeping you under
Are your ‘friends’ that really are
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Daily Prompt: #Vague- A Poem

via Daily Prompt: Vague


In the distance I hear a sound
I’m hypervigilant now
But per the usual.

I jump to my feet,
A loafer
Squatting in the cozy cave
That is not my own.

The sound, is it coming closer?
Awakened from my slumber
Still dazed.
Did it gather me
Memory of what happened next so very

It’s a daily struggle
I think too much
I sleep less
Lie awake more
Then crash

It’s so sad
And reckless
So bad

Is the farce believed
Or does they players know the story
You try to hide?
Who are you and are you okay?
Your answers don’t make sense
Your clarity so
Are you a main character or are you
Mainly backstage?

Do tell
And in time…
The pain will lessen

The school of thought you tried to teach,
Will be your own nightly lesson.
A refuge from the absurd
A nest for the bird
A lecture for the nerd
But still foggy
Still so

Spinning out of control
Losing the grips on the handlebars
And tumbling down
On the mean concrete
Rock bottom
Is near.
The card are falling
And the day to face all your fears
I’m afraid, is near.

The fallout will be severe.

-Zam Zhinga

My P


#Glimmer: A Poem [details]


via Daily Prompt: Glimmer


A race began..
From then it was a journey
Did you know
Then what you know now?
But the race was on
And the obstacles would be many.
Forever chasing
Excelling sometimes stumbling
Falling even Continue reading #Glimmer: A Poem [details]

Above-a poem

via Daily Prompt: Above



From up high
Looking down low
Sweeping, gazing, grazing
Atop the mountain from here looks so far
From up high is where all the bounty flows.
The ins and outs
The ‘whys’ and ‘whatevers’
Do we ever really know
But Faith
Guides the way

It is the light
And with light comes vision
With vision
Comes understanding
With understanding comes patience.

Use your time to learn
Others are sometimes chained to their own mind
Not knowing just how powerful
A thought can go
If guided and nurtured and honed.

From above
You see you and how you used to be
You see just where you should go and who you ought to be
Outside of you own train of thought can be
But rewarding.
Scary, yet enlightening.

Challenge yourself to do better
Move faster
Think higher
Judge less
Evaluate more
And listen.

From above
These things are all revealed…in time.

-Zam Zhinga

Moods & Moments: #Sza ‘The Weekend’ [vid]

 A Love Bizarre


Sent the text early
Well thought out
Calculated for success
The bubbles never showed up
No response yet.
Just wait.
It will be worth the time…

One word is the
Read between the lines
But you read outside the lines
Contextual versus factual
The narrative is yours to create.

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Moods & Moments: #SevynStreeter ‘It Won’t Stop’ feat. #ChrisBrown [vid]

GO    go-thegamutt

Come for me
Stay for me

Rolling ’round the city
Happy to be driving with you
Just you
And your thoughts

I Dream of you and me
It won’t stop
Pulled up drop top
Til the sun sets
Still cruising
Just me and my thoughts
My thoughts of you.

Miles to go before a good night’s sleep
Just cruising
The soundtrack playing
Replaying then starting over

It won’t stop until
It’s empty
Until then, just ride
Slide with me
Feel the night air
I wish to wish it away
I dreamed a dream
And cast it away
I made a visual then blurred all the colors
I feared the perfection of the beauty before me
I sent it away
Out of fear

Chords repeat
I traveled on the wings of those lesser
Than the equal sign
I cried it away
Laid in the shades let the palms sway
Run back into the brush

The rain is coming
The tears are flowing
The seeds are growing
You heard that
It’s just lovers in the parking lot
Remembering the public eyes are on them
The voices got too loud
The souls got to proud
It won’t stop
Unless you halt the madness
Pierce the sadness
Relish the gladness
It is
And can be what you want again.

-ZAm Zhinga

Just a little something I’m working on… was listening to Sevyn Streeter’s ‘It Won’t Stop’ with Chris Brown, and that was the OUTCOME… WORK in PROGRESS…