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NEW MUSIC: #XXXTentacion ‘Bad’ [audio]

Six months after his TRAGIC DEATH, XXXTentacion is releasing new music. ‘Bad’ is the a single from his UPCOMING ‘Skins’ album that is set to be released, December 7. Take a LISTEN!!
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#XXXtentacion has upcoming collabs with #TheWeeknd & #Rihanna! [details]



Rapper XXXTentacion was GUNNED down earlier this year, but his LEGACY will continue. Producer Mally Mel, details that XXX had recorded a “significant amount of material” for his 3rd album, ‘Skins’ and he detailed some HIGH POWER collabs that are WAITING!!!
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#BETHipHopAwards: #XXXtentacion WINS ‘Best New Hip Hop Artist! [vid]


XXXtentacion was awarded the ‘Best New Hip Hop Artist’ award at this year’s BET HIP HOP Awards!
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NEW VIDEO: #XXXTentacion ‘Moonlight’ [vid]


Four months after his untimely passing, XXXTentacion drops the gloomy video for ‘Moonlight’.

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NEW MUSIC: #XXXTentacion & #LilPeep release #FallingDown posthumously! [audio]


Fallen rappers XXXTentacion and Lil’ Peep have COME TOGETHER posthumously to release ‘Falling Down’.  The song was ORIGIANLLY called, “Sunlight on Your Skin, ” and was Co-written by iLoveMakonnen and co-produced by John Cunningham, Mike WiLL Made-It, and IIVI.

“It came together from me and Lil Peep’s session in London when we were working on our album there,” Makonnen tells XXL. “We wrote the hook in the hotel, then went to the studio and laid the hook down on the track. We did it with a whole bunch of other songs in London, me and Lil Peep. Kinda semi-finished it, but we never really fully finalized it.”

Take a LISTEN:
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A 2nd suspect arrested in connection with #XXXTentacion MURDER!

Another suspect has been arrested in connection to the XXXTentacion murder!

According to cops, 22-year-old Michael Boatwright was arrested on a drug charge on July 5. Then served with an arrest warrant for first degree murder on July 10.
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NEW VIDEO: #XXXTentacion attends his own FUNERAL in ‘Sad’ video! [vid]


This is HAUTINGLY beautiful, yet ‘SAD’.  In the latest visual from the departed XXXTentacion, the rapper attends his OWN funeral.  XXX’s camp dropped the new video on the day of his actual FUNERAL too.
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Suspect ARRESTED in the murder of #XXXTentacion! [details]


It’s been a FEW DAYS since the senseless murder of rapper XXXtentacion, but it appears that the police have a SUSPECT in custody linked to his DEATH! Continue reading Suspect ARRESTED in the murder of #XXXTentacion! [details]

WAKE UP JAM: #RIPXXXTentacion [vids]


Really. WAKE UP PEOPLE! Too many people are dying senselessly due to GUN VIOLENCE! R.I.P. XXXTentacion….
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The industry REACTS to the MURDER of #XXXTentacion! [details]


I didn’t know him–I can;t say that I am versed in his music, but I knew OF him and the death of a 20-something anybody HURTS ME.  This was an up and coming STAR shot down in the prime of his life.  SAD.  Our condolences go out to his FRIENDS, FAMILY and legion of fans….the INDUSTRY reacts to the MURDER of XXXTentacion….

His LAST message…

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