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#JadenSmith brings out #WillSmith at #Coachella! [vid]


We know we love ALL THINGS SMITH over here!  Willow, Jaden, Jada, Will and the whole FAM!  So for Jaden Smith’s Coachella set, he brought out his ICONIC FATHER and the two PERFORMED together!

The crowd understandably went wild when Will belts out his son’s lyrics to the audience, before staring right into the camera in the clip. Jaden then turns the camera on himself, smiling from ear-to-ear before showing fans cheering with their arms up in the audience. TAKE A LOOK! Continue reading #JadenSmith brings out #WillSmith at #Coachella! [vid]


MAG TAG: Live-action #Aladdin 1st look! [details]

‘Entertainment Weekly’ has our 1st Look at the LIVE-ACTION ‘Aladdin’ movie starring Will Smith as ‘Genie’,Mena Massoud as Aladdin and Naomi Scott as Princess Jasmine. Take a LOOK! Will Smith has a FEW MORE words about his CHARACTER…
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#MartinLawrence & #WillSmith CONFIRM #BadBoys3! [vid]


There has been a lot of TALK a lot of FALSE STARTS, but it appears that ‘Bad Boys 3’ is REALLY coming and the STARS, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are the ONES that confirmed the news for the FANS!!
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#WillSmith & #NickyJam show off ‘DAD DANCING’ at #WorldCup closing ceremony! [vid]


Wouldn’t you like to have a DAD HALF as cool as Will Smith and Nicky Jam?  The two with Era Istrefi performed at the World Cup c losing ceremony. But in some downtime, Nicky Jam and Will Smith showed off some of their DADDY-infused CURRENT DANCE moves!
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#WillSmith KILLS the #InMyFeelingsChallenge atop a BRIDGE in #Budapest! [vid]


Things are just 1000 times better once Will Smith touches it RIGHT? Watch Smith totally CRUSH the #InMyFeelingsChallenge atop a BRIDGE in Budapest!

Before he SLAYS the challenge he mutters:
“There is no way, no way this is legal,” ..TAKE a LOOK!!
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WATCH: #WillSmith talks about his return to music and #Drake on #RapRadar! [vid]


We just LOVE Will Smith, right?  Everytime he TALKS, we listen.  On social media he is ALWAYS sharing some gem of INFORMATION from a perspective that is not PREACHY, but one of someone who has lived and experienced LIFE.  Well Smith is talking again, this time about his RETURN to music, 20 years of marriage and his admiration for Drake!

Check out the FULL INTERVIEW BELOW! Continue reading WATCH: #WillSmith talks about his return to music and #Drake on #RapRadar! [vid]

#WillSmith spends #Easter with his MOM! [pic]



As of LATE anything Will Smith does on social media is GOLD!  He just RECENTLY shared a touching photo of him and his MOM on Easter!! Continue reading #WillSmith spends #Easter with his MOM! [pic]

#WillSmith PROVES he knows the words to La Bamba! [vid]


Will Smith on SOCIAL media has got to be one of the BEST things to happen since… WELL, since DJ Khalid took social media by storm. The short time Smith has been on Instagram he has already amassed 8.5 MILLION followers with just over 60 posts. He always posts the most ENTERTAINING and and interesting aspects of his life.

Most recently, Will posted him with a steel drum and some musicians playing and singing to ‘La Bamba’! Continue reading #WillSmith PROVES he knows the words to La Bamba! [vid]

#WillSmith is #SuperbowlLII READY! Guess which TEAM he’s REPPIN in this SHARP clip! [vid]



Will Smith’s SOCIAL MEDIA pages are always so FUN and INSIGHTFUL!  Check out how READY Smith is for the Super Bowl…uhh you remember he’s from Philly, right!?? Continue reading #WillSmith is #SuperbowlLII READY! Guess which TEAM he’s REPPIN in this SHARP clip! [vid]