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#RedTable TEA! #JadaPinkettSmith faces Will! Confirms #AugustAlsina RELATIONSHIP! [VID]

As promised, Jada Pinkett-Smith brings HERSELF to task! Jada sits down at her ‘Red Table Talk’ with Will to discuss August Alsina’s claim they had a relationship!

In more or less words, Jada CONFIRMS that she and Alsina had an ‘entanglement’….

Take a LOOK!

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#JadaPinkettSmith DENIES affair with #AugustAlsina! [Details]

August Alsina spoke out about an ALLEGED relationship with Jada Pinkett-Smith that he claimed Will Smith ‘gave his blessing’ to.

[Revisit that story HERE]

Now Reps for Smith are speaking out!

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WAKE UP JAM: #WillSmith ‘Gettin Jiggy Wit It’ [Vid]


NEW MONTH, NEW VIBE! Let’s get jiggy wit it with Will Smith!

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#JoynerLucas remixes ‘Will’ with #WillSmith! [AUDIO]

The power of social media! Joyner Lucas drops a song paying homage to the great Will Smith. Will likes it….then jumps on the remix…and kills it…take a listen.

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#DJJazzyJeff recounts his bout with #Covid19 to #WillSmith! [Vid]

Dj Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince, Will Smith were just on Live chopping it up about Jeff’s recent bout with the Coronavirus!

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#WillSmith & #TyraBanks recreate their ICONIC #FreshPrince scene 30 years later!

We all remember the episode of ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ when ‘Will’s ex-girlfriend from Philly,played by Tyra Banks returned! The now ICONIC exchange between the two was re-enacted on Will’s SNAPCHAT show, ‘Will at Home’. 30 years later, he and Tyra still remember the lines and can play off of each other! Take a look!

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Star Tracks: Jaden, Jada & #WillSmith! [Pic]

Family ties! Jada, Jaden and Will Smith are up to something…. Hmmmm?

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#BadBoys3 & #ComingToAmerica2 both filming at Tyler Perry Studios at the same damn time! [Pics/vid]

Tyler Perry has elevated the game with his state of the art epic opening of his MASSIVE studio in Atlanta!

There are multiple projects ongoing on the spacious campus and who would’ve thought 2 EPIC movies would be filming at the same time!?

‘Bad Boys 4 Life’, and the sequel to ‘Coming To America’ are both filming there and you never know who you will see on any given day. Will Smith, Eddie Murphy, Arsenia Hall, Wesley Snipes, Tracy Morgan just to name a few all PAL it up for some fun pics!

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#JadenSmith brings out #WillSmith at #Coachella! [vid]


We know we love ALL THINGS SMITH over here!  Willow, Jaden, Jada, Will and the whole FAM!  So for Jaden Smith’s Coachella set, he brought out his ICONIC FATHER and the two PERFORMED together!

The crowd understandably went wild when Will belts out his son’s lyrics to the audience, before staring right into the camera in the clip. Jaden then turns the camera on himself, smiling from ear-to-ear before showing fans cheering with their arms up in the audience. TAKE A LOOK! Continue reading #JadenSmith brings out #WillSmith at #Coachella! [vid]

MAG TAG: Live-action #Aladdin 1st look! [details]

‘Entertainment Weekly’ has our 1st Look at the LIVE-ACTION ‘Aladdin’ movie starring Will Smith as ‘Genie’,Mena Massoud as Aladdin and Naomi Scott as Princess Jasmine. Take a LOOK! Will Smith has a FEW MORE words about his CHARACTER…
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#MartinLawrence & #WillSmith CONFIRM #BadBoys3! [vid]


There has been a lot of TALK a lot of FALSE STARTS, but it appears that ‘Bad Boys 3’ is REALLY coming and the STARS, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are the ONES that confirmed the news for the FANS!!
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#WillSmith & #NickyJam show off ‘DAD DANCING’ at #WorldCup closing ceremony! [vid]


Wouldn’t you like to have a DAD HALF as cool as Will Smith and Nicky Jam?  The two with Era Istrefi performed at the World Cup c losing ceremony. But in some downtime, Nicky Jam and Will Smith showed off some of their DADDY-infused CURRENT DANCE moves!
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