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Radio SHAKE-UP! #WandaSmith & #MissSophia AXED from #V103Atlanta! [details]

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As we USHERED in the new year, V-103-Atlanta was HANDING OUT PINK SLIPS!  IT appears that POPULAR comedian turned RADIO MAINSTAY Wanda Smith is out and out with her goes wise cracking side-kick, Miss Sophia too! Being from ATLANTA, this is news to me and for those outside of Atlanta, Smith is the host that TRIED to go TOE TO TOE with Katt Williams and got DRAGGED to HELL and BACK with his VISCERAL take downs and jabs that went VIRAL. And we REMEMBER all the DRAMA that came along with that EXCHANGE… that could have been a FACTOR in her FIRING, but we have no confirmation on that. [In case you MISSED the Katt Williams DRAGGING, revisit that HERE!] Continue reading Radio SHAKE-UP! #WandaSmith & #MissSophia AXED from #V103Atlanta! [details]

Video footage and Police report REVEALED from #WandaSmith #KattWilliams comedy club altercation! [UPDATED vid]


We REPORTED this morning (September 17) that Wanda Smith of V-103-Atlanta had a RUN in with Katt Williams after that EPIC roasting he gave her the other day.  We also reported that Smith’s husband allegedly pulled a gun on Williams later that night at a comedy club in Georgia.  Well, we can drop the ‘ALLEGED’ because the POLICE report and VIDEO FOOTAGE of the altercation has been RELEASED!! Continue reading Video footage and Police report REVEALED from #WandaSmith #KattWilliams comedy club altercation! [UPDATED vid]

#WandaSmith’s hubby ALLEGEDLY pulls a gun on #KattWilliams! [details]


By NOW you have all seen the clip of comedian Katt Williams and V103-Atlanta’s Wanda Smith TRADING comedic jabs LIVE on radio.  Well things got out of hand and Katt Williams got the BEST of Wanda.  He made comments about her weight, her success (or lack thereof) in comparison to his and MORE. [in case you missed it–check it out HERE]  So once the interview was over things seemed ok….that is until later that night.  The RADIO HOST’s HUSBAND allegedly pulled a GUN on  Katt Williams later that night at the comedy club! Continue reading #WandaSmith’s hubby ALLEGEDLY pulls a gun on #KattWilliams! [details]

#KattWilliams DRAGS #V103Atlanta’s #WandaSmith, #LilRel #TiffanyHaddish & MORE! [vid]


VETERAN comedian, actor and Emmy winner, Katt Williams had TIME that day!  In a RECENT visit to V-103 in Atlanta, Katt spoke about the state oc stand-up comedy and ran down the list of his ACCOLADES that a lot of people may not know about.  He went in on how Netflix offers deals and shed light on the fact that some COMEDIANS at the’ TOP’ that can’t tell JOKES!  He WENT IN on Tiffany Haddish saying she hasn’t proven herself and also COMMENTED on the fact that WHITE execs are pulling the strings in BIG COMEDY DEALS.  He also said COMEDIAN Lil’ Rel and Jerrod Carmichael were UGLY ‘stars’ that women don’t particularly want to sleep with and HAD word about Kevin Hart too!  INT HE WHOLE PROCESS he went the FUCK in on Wanda Smith who is a COMEDIAN as well.  She tried to COME FOR Williams’ hair and his look and then it all went LEFT really quickly!  Check out the WHOLE interview after the JUMP!!
Continue reading #KattWilliams DRAGS #V103Atlanta’s #WandaSmith, #LilRel #TiffanyHaddish & MORE! [vid]

REUNITED! #FrankSki RECLAIMS #V103Atlanta morning show with #WandaSmith & #MissSophia! [details]


It appears that an EPIC reunion is in the works at Atlanta’s V-103!  After Ryan Cameron’s SHOCKING departure from the POPULAR morning show, it appears that the station is going back in time..to 2010 to be exact!  They are REUNITING Frank-Ski with comedian Wanda Smith to rebuild their morning show format from back in the day!

Continue reading REUNITED! #FrankSki RECLAIMS #V103Atlanta morning show with #WandaSmith & #MissSophia! [details]