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WAKE UP JAM: #MariahCarey ‘You Don’t Know What To Do’ feat. #Wale [live]

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‘You Don’t Know What To DO’…Let Mariah REMIND YOU!
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STREAM: #Wale drops off #FreeLunch EP! [audio]

Wale is back and has FOOD..FOOD for thought, mind and SOUL. The ‘Flower Bomb’ rapper has just dropped off a ‘HOT MEAL’ in the form of a 5-song EP entitled ‘Free Lunch’!

Guests on the ALBUM include Eric Bellinger and J. Cole! Take a LISTEN below!
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NEW MUSIC: #Wale #BlackBonnie feat. #Jacquees [audio]


Wale SURPRISED his fans with a 4-piece..ans we not talking WINGS! He dropped the ‘It’s Complicated’ EP and one of the stand-out cuts from the project is ‘Black Bonnie’ featuring Jacquees! Take a LISTEN!!
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#Wale DROPS surprise EP ‘It’s Complicated’ [stream]


Wale is BACK and with a SURPRISE!  After teasing new music on IG for the past few days, the ‘Matrimony’ rapper drops a surprise 4-piece E.P. entitled ‘It’s Complicated’!

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WAKE UP JAM: #Wale ‘Sabotage’ feat. #Lloyd [vid]



This is one of my FAVORITE Wale songs–‘Sabotage’.  And Lloyd on the hook is just AMAZING.  Sometimes we blow up our own situations out of fear of being happy–SABOTAGE…. We’ve all done it.
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#Wale TEASES new music with #JCole! [vid]


Remember not too long ago back in 2016, there seemed to be a possible BEEF brewing between Wale and J. Cole?  Well it could’ve been all in Wale’s head, but let me set the stage before we talk about this POSSIBLE new collaboration between the two… Continue reading #Wale TEASES new music with #JCole! [vid]