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#WalmartYodeling kid #MasonRamsey performs at #Coachella! [vid]



By now you have seen or HEARD about the 11-year old YODELING Wal-Mart kid, right!? He has been the SOURCE of a new batch of social media memes and gifs and challenges and the like. Well Mason Ramsey has taken his talents from the aisles of Wal-Mart to the DESERT! That’s right little Mtr Wal-Mart Yodel performed at the Coachella Music Festival, performing alongside DJ Whethan at the popular festival in Indio, California. The performance comes just a few weeks after Ramsey rose to internet fame thanks to his impressive singing skills at a store in Harrisburg, Illinois.  Whethan said his next guest needed “no introduction” — and he was right. The crowd went wild as soon as Ramsey stepped onto the stage in his now-signature cowboy hat, too-big belt and red bowtie.  And of course we have the FOOTAGE! Take a LOOK!!

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#Sams retail giant closes stores with no notice!


Sam's Clubs To Cut 10 Percent Of Workforce

It is a WRAP for many Sam’s retail stores across the country! The membership warehouse owned by retail giant Walmart, is shutting down or converting 63 stores.

The company attributed the decision to the need to better fulfill online orders, less population growth than expected in some markets and too many locations given demand in others.

The Sam’s Club closures were confirmed the same day that Walmart said it would lift the hourly minimum wage in the U.S. to $11 and give out bonuses of up to $1,000. Continue reading #Sams retail giant closes stores with no notice!