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Daily Prompt: #Vague- A Poem

via Daily Prompt: Vague


In the distance I hear a sound
I’m hypervigilant now
But per the usual.

I jump to my feet,
A loafer
Squatting in the cozy cave
That is not my own.

The sound, is it coming closer?
Awakened from my slumber
Still dazed.
Did it gather me
Memory of what happened next so very

It’s a daily struggle
I think too much
I sleep less
Lie awake more
Then crash

It’s so sad
And reckless
So bad

Is the farce believed
Or does they players know the story
You try to hide?
Who are you and are you okay?
Your answers don’t make sense
Your clarity so
Are you a main character or are you
Mainly backstage?

Do tell
And in time…
The pain will lessen

The school of thought you tried to teach,
Will be your own nightly lesson.
A refuge from the absurd
A nest for the bird
A lecture for the nerd
But still foggy
Still so

Spinning out of control
Losing the grips on the handlebars
And tumbling down
On the mean concrete
Rock bottom
Is near.
The card are falling
And the day to face all your fears
I’m afraid, is near.

The fallout will be severe.

-Zam Zhinga

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