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Happy Birthday #Tupac! [Vids]

Happy Birthday Tupac Shakur! Tupac would have been 48 today!

We are celebrating the life and legacy of this iconic poet, activist, artist!

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#TBT Throwback Thursday- #MichaelJackson- King of HIP HOP!?[vids]


It’s THROWBACK Thursday!!!

LET’s GO BACK!!  WAY BACK, Back when MUSIC was BOMB and the ‘BEEFS’ were few and FAR between!!

TBT-Throwback Thursday is in EFFECT!

We already know Michael Jackson is the KING OF POP and all things ENTERTAINMENT, but he had his FAIR SHARE of HIP-HOP INFLUENCES as well.  Let’s REVISIT some of his VIDEOS with a HIP HOP EDGE to ’em! Continue reading #TBT Throwback Thursday- #MichaelJackson- King of HIP HOP!?[vids]

#TBT-LEGENDS #Biggie #Tupac & #Aaliyah-TOGETHER! [pic]


THIS is an ICONIC shot—The Notorious B.I.G., Tupac and Aaliyah in ONE SITTING! Legends in the SKY indeed!!!


#LilXan ‘performs’ #Tupac’s ‘California Love’ after calling the ICONIC rapper ‘boring’. [vid]


Remember a few weeks ago when rapper Lil Xan made comments about the ICONIC rapper, Tupac’s music being BORING!?  If you missed that revisit HERE.  Xan caught a LOT of FLACK for his comments about Pac and was even CHASED down by some Tupac fans–the event warranted the POLICE escorting Xan to safety.  At any rate, in a RECENT performance, the ‘Betrayed’ rapper attempted to perform a CLASSIC from the LATE GREAT rapper’s catalog of HITS–‘California Love’. Continue reading #LilXan ‘performs’ #Tupac’s ‘California Love’ after calling the ICONIC rapper ‘boring’. [vid]