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#Eggplant Monday: #TreySongz getting FREAKIER & FREAKIER on #OnlyFans! [Vid]


It seems that Trey Songz is getting more & more CMFORTABLE on his ONLYFANS PAGE.


The ‘Say Ahh’ singer is beginning to SHARE more and more RISQUE content for his FANS!



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#TheGamutt #AfterDark: #TreySongz TEASES #Eggplant again! [Vid]

Trey Songz is on ONLYFANS! He is BACK to teasing his fans to up those SUBSCRIBERS!


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#TreySongz & #MeekMill are back COOL again! [Details]

It appears that Meek Mill & Trey Songz have patched up their disagreement.

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#MeekMill & #TreySongz are BEEFING on social media…..about CHARITY! [DETAILS]

So Trey Songz & Meek Mill are BEEFING.. and it has NOTHING to do with music.

Trey like so many others are stepping up to help the less fortunate.

Trey challenged a group of fellow artists to donate money to a particular charity. But the whole exchanged seemed to turn into a pissing contest of who has done the most charity work and it all spilled out onto SOCIAL MEDIA!

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WAKE UP JAM: #TreySongz ‘Bottoms Up’ feat. #Nickiminaj [Vid]


This song just jumped into my head… I used to love this era of Trey & Nicki!

‘Bottoms Up’!

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Did #50Cent change the #PowerTV theme song back yet? #SnoopDogg WANTS answers! [vid]



There has been UPROAR and IRATE fans BANGING their heads and their TV’s when SEASON 6 OPENED on ‘Power’ and the LEGENDARY theme song had been CHANGED! WE DIDN’T LIKE IT! Joe Thomas–ICONIC BALLADEER and R&B KING, was replaced with TRIGGA TREY SONGZ….

ALTHOUGH we have nothing against TREY….but for this…for the FANS that have been INVESTED since SEASON 1–IT WAS A JARRING CHANGE that we DID NOT LIKE! It just did not fit the MOOD of the SHOW…. The music and more importantly the THEME SONG is almost like another CHARACTER of the show and it sets the MOOD. When we hear ‘It’s a BIG RICH TOWN’… we know some SHIT IS ABOUT TO GO DOWN. Trey Songz’ VERSION was a little LIGHT for me. NOW, if/when ‘Tariq’ gets a SPIN-OFF..that version would work WONDERFULLY for that. BUT for GRITTY ‘Power’ WE DON’T WANT IT–WE DON’T NEED IT!!!! LOL

FOR the FEW that MISSED…. REVISIT the POP-LIKE sounding song: Continue reading Did #50Cent change the #PowerTV theme song back yet? #SnoopDogg WANTS answers! [vid]

GROUPIE TALES: #50Cent TROLLS #TreySongz’ groupies and Trigga runs up on #Fofty! [vid]



Trey Songz, 50 Cent, Dave East, Chris Brown, Kendrick Lamar and a host of other celebs were in town(ATLANTA) this weekend for the Tycoon Music Festival. Some are actually still here LIVING IT UP! 50 Cent and Trey happened to be in the same LUXURY hotel and the ‘KING OF INSTAGRAM’ had to get some VIDEO of Trey and his ALLEGED harem of groupies!

As 50 Cent tells it, he saw Trey wining and dining dozens of women in a restaurant, jokingly of course..
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NEW VIDEO: #TreySongz ‘Chi Chi’ feat. #ChrisBrown [vid]


Now this is a MATCH… Trey Songz with Chris Brown!  Their latest ‘Chi Chi’ is a NO BRAINER SUCCESS just bubbling under.  And they CELEBRATE MELANIN MAGIC with the BEVY of BEAUTIES featured and of COURSE the LADIES love LOOKING at these two… check out their LATEST after the JUMP!!

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#ThirstTrap Thursday! Hot BODS from #Rotimi #ChrisBrown #LebronJames #NickCannon #TreySongz & MORE! [pics]


It’s THIRST TRAP THURSDAY and when you are REALLY FEELING yourself, why not SHARE with SOCIAL MEDIA so they can FEEL you TOO!  Check out these HOT BODIES from Chris Brown, Reggie Bush,  Trey Songz, Lebron James, Nick Cannon, Diggy Simmons, Michael B Jordan and MORE! Continue reading #ThirstTrap Thursday! Hot BODS from #Rotimi #ChrisBrown #LebronJames #NickCannon #TreySongz & MORE! [pics]

WAKE UP JAM:#KevinGates ‘Jam’ feat. #TreySongz #TyDollaSign #JamieFoxx [vid]



This song is prolly yo ‘JAM’!!! Kevin Gates assembled a DREAM TEAM of artists for this HIT, right? Jamie Foxx, Trey Songz and Ty Dolla Sign on one TRACK!
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WAKE UP JAM: #TreySongz ‘Slow Motion’ [vid]



Yesterday was Trey Songz 34th BIRTHDAY and TODAY he has a new movie opening entitled ‘Blood Brother’, so let’s TAKE it back just a TASTE with his hit, ‘Slow Motion’!
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WAKE UP JAM: #KellyRowland ‘Motivation’ feat. #TreySongz [vid]



Not sure WHY BET won’t post a HIGH QUALITY version of this, but hey…. IT’S BET. But back in 2011 Kelly Rowland gave one HELL OF A PERFORMANCE of her MONSTER HIT, ‘Motivation’ featuring Trey Songz! Let’s REVISIT!
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