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VIBES from the VAULT: #TLC ‘Girl Talk’ [vid]


TLC dropped this song back in 2002!! And 17 years later the GIRLS are still talking.  Just NOWADAYS they are talking, posting, screenshotting and RECORDING to be uploaded on SOCIAL MEDIA!!  Let’s dig back into the VAULT for TLC’s ‘GIRL TALK’!!!

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12 JAMS of Christmas: #TLC ‘Sleigh Ride’ [vid]


Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 4.13.40 AM.png

We continue with our 12 JAMS of Christmas roll-out with one of my FAVES SMOOOOOOTHED out on the TLC TIP! Christmas ain’t Christmas without a ‘Sleigh Ride’ with T-Boz, Left-Eye and Chilli!!

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WAKE UP JAM: #TLC ‘Ain’t 2 Proud 2 Beg’ [vid]


It’s always a GOOD TIME for a TLC classic, right?  Let’s take it back a bit with ‘Ain’t 2 Proud 2 Beg’!!
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#AtlantaFX stars #DonaldGlover #LakeithStanfield & #BrianTyreeHenry dance to #TLC’s ‘Creep in deleted scene! [vid]


As if this show was not DOPE enough, the deleted scenes are even more so. If you recall the latest episode of ‘Atlanta’ found Paperboi and crew performing at a college ‘PAJAMA JAM’ clad in SILKY PJ’s. The whole scene harkened back to the iconic movie ‘Houseparty’, but when I saw Al, Earn and Darius’ gear, my mind IMMEDIATELY went to TLC’s stylish and ICONIC ‘Creep’ video.

Well in a DELETED scene that executive producer and director, Hiro Murai decided to GIFT to the fans, we see the TRIO bustin’ a move to the UBER-POPULAR song by TLC! Continue reading #AtlantaFX stars #DonaldGlover #LakeithStanfield & #BrianTyreeHenry dance to #TLC’s ‘Creep in deleted scene! [vid]

Remembering Lisa #LeftEye Lopes! [vids]



It’s been 16 years since Lisa ‘LeftEye’ Lopez lost her life in a single car accident in Honduras.  Such a shining light lost way too SOON!  It’s undeniable that Left Eye was the CREATIVE force behind the group TLC.  Though we love the girls as a whole, the GROUP was never the same with her passing.  HER CREATIVITY was well beyond the span of her years and her legacy lives on FOREVER!


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VIBES from the VAULT: #TLC ‘Creep’ [Original unreleased video]


WE ALL know about TLC’s ‘Iconic’ video for their MONSTER HIT, ‘Creep’.  But what some may not know is that the groundbreaking, stylized video with the ladies in the SILK PJ’s was actually not the ORIGINAL video.  Lionel C. Martin directed a video that was more in line with the lyrics of the song, but the LABEL opted for something more SLEEK and STYLIZED.  Check out the ORIGINAL, ‘Creep’ video after the JUMP!!
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