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WHAT IF #TSMadison linked with #TiffanyPollard for #QueensCourt!? [vid]


Are you still following all the ‘Queen’s Court’ drama with TS Madison and Khia and all that SH*T?  Well I checked out a while ago, bit the READERS still want to know WHAT’S GOOD!?  Khia has went on and started 2 other ‘shows’ and TS Madison appears to be moving FORWARD solo as well.. BUT what if TS Madison and Tiffany ‘New York’ Pollard LINKED UP!!  Wouldn’t that be a BEAUTIFUL EXPLOSION…. Let’s see what TS Madison is TEASING with this one… Continue reading WHAT IF #TSMadison linked with #TiffanyPollard for #QueensCourt!? [vid]

#TSMadison responds to #Khia’s #GagOrder claims! Says she is NOT a THIEF! [vid]


The DUELING COURT wars continue.  Khia has started her new show, ‘Gag Order’ and continues to RUN DOWN hwo her partnership with social media sensation, TS Madison went awry.  There were some CLAIMS of ‘THIEVERY’ at the hands of Madison, so she was QUICK to pull out ‘RECEIPTS’ for all claims and allegations and to let it be known just what the state of ‘The Queen’s Court’ is!  Check out her RESPONSE to Khia!
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Rumor Has It.. #TheQueensCourt returns in March..minus one ‘QUEEN’? [details]


Fans of the POPULAR Facebook LIVE show, ‘The Queen’s Court’ were DISAPPOINTED this past Monday, when the LIVE feed was…DEAD.  That’s right, after the on-camera MELTDOWN [in case you MISSED it REVISIT it HERE] from last week, the ‘QUEENS’ were not in their COURT as usual.  BUT RUMOR HAS IT, the show is RETURNING with an ALL NEW SWAG in March…but they maybe SHORT one ‘QUEEN’?

This is what’s CIRCULATING around FACEBOOK from the TS Madison: Continue reading Rumor Has It.. #TheQueensCourt returns in March..minus one ‘QUEEN’? [details]

#TheQueensCourt MELTDOWN! #Khia makes #TSMadison CRY, #MoNique pleads! [vid]


Well it’s MONDAY…well it was when all HELL broke loose on the UBER-popular ‘The Queen’s Court’ LIVE Facebook viewing.  For those that DON’T know, ‘The Queen’s Court’ is a PODCAST of sorts featuring OPINIONATED rapper Khia and social media sensation, TS Madison.  The ladies discuss TRENDING TOPICS of the moment with their own JUICY spin and P.O.V.’s  Now I don’t follow the show, but my people let me know that they have QUITE a following on MONDAY NIGHTS.

Well this past Monday was supposed to be this BIG sitdown with Mo’Nique.  We all know what Mo’Nique has been dealing with after exposing Netflix.  Khia and TS Madison have been VOCAL about their stance and Monday was supposed to be THE night to HASH things out.

Well, word from the CURB is that the SHOW was PLAGUED with technical difficulties, audio and lighting issues and the WHOLE NINE.  At one point Khia WALKS OFF leaving her partner in CRIME in TEARS!  Mo’Nique is on the LINE pleading for Khia to come back and talk things out.  Check out the DRAMA in the clips below!
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