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TOP SONGS of 2018 and #Obama’s 2018 playlist! [audio]


This year just FLEW BY, but during the YEAR we had a SLEW of MUSIC that would classify as the TOP SONGS of 2018!! Let’s RUN a FEW of our faves down and also take a look at FORMER President Obama’s TOP SONGS OF 2018 as well!!!

Childish Gambino ‘This Is America’

Ella Mai ‘Boo’d Up’


Nicki Minaj ‘Chun Li’

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#VMAs nominations are IN! #CardiB & #TheCarters LEAD the PACK! [details]


It’s about that time of year, for the MTV Video Music Awards, and the NOMINATIONS are in and Cardi B LEADS the pack witha  WHOPPING 10 nods including nimnations for Video, Song, and Artist of the Year! The Carters, Beyonce and Jay-Z collectively nabbed 8 nods including Video of the Year, Best Collaboration, and Best Hip-Hop for their Everything Is Love single “APES**T.” Drake and Childish Gambino snagged seven nominations each, while Bruno Mars earned six. Check out the REST of the NOMINEES after the JUMP! Continue reading #VMAs nominations are IN! #CardiB & #TheCarters LEAD the PACK! [details]

The HIDDEN meanings behind #TheCarters ‘ApeSh*t’ video EXPLAINED! [vid]

maxresdefault (23)

I pride myself in being a SCHOLAR of sorts.  I know a thing or two.  BUt art history, no.  JAYZ and BEYONCE-NOMICS?  NO.  WHO KNOWS what goes through the minds of this HUGE MACHINE.  We all went APESHIT over the weekend when The Carters not only SURPRISED us with a JOINT album we had ben hearing about and hoping for for years, but also an EPIC first video for the 1st single as well.  NOW PEOPLE have come up with ALL KINDS of hidden meaning and symblisms in the video.  There is a LOT going on here and all are EPICALLY visually appealing in my book.  But we know the Carters don’t do ANYTHING without PURPOSE.  SO there has to be MEANING behind the moves they make, right?  When I saw the video, I saw a lot of GREAT art and imagery.  I saw a POWER COUPLE reaffirming that they are a STRONG UNIT and that they got a SHITLOAD of money to make these types of MOVES.  BUT SOME ‘EXPERTS’ have broken down some of the IMAGERY from the video….wanna hear it, here it goes….

History lesson DONE. Now ENJOY the video even MORE from here on out.


STREAM: #TheCarters #EverythingIsLove album [audio]



Beyonce and JAY Z just dropped their SURPRISE JOINT album ‘Everything Is Love’.  There are 9 tracks on te album, and you can LISTEN to the UBER-popular couple go back and FORTH over LUSH production!  Take a LISTEN! Continue reading STREAM: #TheCarters #EverythingIsLove album

SYMBOLISM behind the ART piece ‘Negress’ in #TheCarter’s #ApeShit video! [details]


Do you remember the PORTRAIT that we saw in The Carter’s ‘Apeshit’ video.  It is one of the very last images we see before the ‘Mona Lisa’ frame. Well there is some SYMBOLISM behind that piece of ART! It is called “Portrait of a Black Woman (Negress)” by Marie-Guillemine Benoist. It’s one of the only pre-20th century portraits of a black person in the Louvre that’s not explicitly a portrait of a slave. Continue reading SYMBOLISM behind the ART piece ‘Negress’ in #TheCarter’s #ApeShit video! [details]

NEW VIDEO: #TheCarters ‘Ape Sh*t’ [vid]



WATCH Beyonce and JAY Z LAVISH at the Louvre and FLOSS all over FRANCE in the new VISUAL for ‘Apeshit’! Continue reading NEW VIDEO: #TheCarters ‘Ape Sh*t’ [vid]