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#BlackinkCrew NEWS: #Tati ALLEGES #Kitty said #RyanHenry has a little D*CK! [Details]

Well it appears it’s a case of ‘she say, she say’ on ‘Black Ink Crew’.

Clearly Miss Kitty is on the outs with the ladies at ‘Black Ink Crew NY’…hell she was FIRED and high-tailed it to Chicago to hang with Ryan Henry and Charmaine.

But the ladies in NYC still has Miss Kitty on the brain for some reason.

It is a girl’s night out for Bae, Donna, and Tati in NYC.

They talk about their sex lives and Bae notices weird energy between Tati and Donna that’s somewhat flirty. But they change the topic and talk about Miss Kitty.

Bae feels that Kitty had been fake for years now. Donna agrees and says that Kitty’s true colors have now come out.

Tati then reveals that Kitty once told her that Ryan has a little d*ck. The women start laughing. And later on, Donna and Tati get frisky with each other.

Little dick!? That’s low. Miss Kitty got wind of the ladies convo and has clapped back!

Kitty holds to the fact that she and Ryan never had sex..so how would she know and why would she tell them.

Long story short.. Kitty DENIES the LIES…

But wait…just because someone never had sex..does not mean she wouldn’t know. I mean they HAVE been ‘friends’ for years and in quite close proximity….so….she COULD know if he has a small peen without intercourse…. It’s not a stretch. AND….isn’t Ryan part Asian…and there is a stereotype that Asian men have small DICKS…SO if we do a lot of REACHING…one could draw that conclusion. Nonetheless, I am not here to feed into stereotypes…so. we are going to leave it at that…RUMOR!

Whatever Ryan has or don’t…he does not seem to be lacking in the female department…he has a bevy of beauties that come in and out of the season…so… he’s pleasing SOMEBODY…