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#Tantrum- A Poem

via Daily Prompt: Tantrum



Inner turmoil BUBBLING, festering
My hate for you is blinded by my
Guilt for what I did
I have to learn
I have to move past
The thing I did
To forgive myself
To live again
To move

Anger is what I feel for so long, festering
You hold onto the pain
You say you forgave
But if you did
You would not
Still make me

For the WRONG that I did
I am sorry
But the consequences since
Have all been so DIRE.
I am in the PRISON
That I made for myself
Evolving into HATE
Until the seams rip
Like Incredible
And it boils into one

I push, you pull
You control
I Abide
But no more
The tables will turn
I can no longer
Go on this way
This ends
It stops today
It has to

The Fridays
The tumultuous
The Fridays
The walks
The talks
All of the guilt
It goes away
All before that
One last
The day the walls
All fall
My wrongs were wrong

But I can not pay for
The mistake for the rest of
My life
I may as well
Be in the prison
You made for me.
The fever
The fire
The brimstone
All come before the fall.
Kicking and screaming
Going down in one last fit
One last

The curse is BROKEN.

-Zam Zhinga