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The GOOD the BAD & the UGLY of #JustinTimberlake’s halftime show!


I was going to RUN down the GOOD, the BAD and the UGLY of Justin Timberlake’s SuperB Bowl Halftime show.  The GOOD was that it was only 13 minutes.  The BAD is that it was safe and BORING, and the UGLY is that he accepted the GIG in the first place after 2004.  He SKATED over the now INFAMOUS ‘wardrobe malfunction’ relatively UNSCATHED, while Janet was DEMONIZED–and for WHAT?  ALSO another UGLY was him bringing Prince’s LEGACY into play when he-the PURPLE ONE–clearly EXPRESSED he was against such… BUT then I ran across an article that FULLY articulated just how Justin LOST the Super Bowl. [in case you missed it REVISIT it HERE!]

The article was featured in the NY Post , written by Chris Richards.  Richards gives a SCATHING review of all the things that went WRONG for JT’s ill-fated gig. I didn’t write what’s about to come next, but I wish I had written it… Check out what this author had to say: Continue reading The GOOD the BAD & the UGLY of #JustinTimberlake’s halftime show!

#Pink SOLDIERS through the #NationalAnthem despite having the FLU! [vid]

Super Bowl LII Pregame

P!nk had been BATTLING the FLU all week, but that did not deter her from her dream–singing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl!  She did just that!  Belting out a crowd-rousing rendition of ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’.  Take a LOOK! Continue reading #Pink SOLDIERS through the #NationalAnthem despite having the FLU! [vid]

The #EmpireStateBuilding lit GREEN for the #Eagles! [pic]


#FlyEaglesFly–straight to the top of the #EmpireStateBuilding! We’re celebrating the @Eagles #SuperBowlLII victory with lights sparkling in the team’s colors for 30 minutes, then static lights until 2AM!#FlyEaglesFly–straight to the top of the #EmpireStateBuilding! We’re celebrating the @Eagles #SuperBowlLII victory with lights sparkling in the team’s colors for 30 minutes, then static lights until 2AM!



WATCH: #JustinTimberlake’s full #PepsiHalftimeShow! [vid]


The NFL has finally let us post the footage.  Here is Justin Timberlake’s FULL Pepsi Halftime Show from Super Bowl LII!

Super Bowl LII, Minneapolis, USA - 04 Feb 2018
Credit: Photo by CRAIG LASSIG/EPA-EFE/REX/Shutterstock (9353450iv) Justin Timberlake Super Bowl LII, Minneapolis, USA – 04 Feb 2018 US singer Justin Timberlake performs the halftime show during Super Bowl LII at US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, on 04 February 2018. The NFC Champions Philadelphia Eagles play the AFC Champions New England Patriots in the National Football League’s annual championship game.

Continue reading WATCH: #JustinTimberlake’s full #PepsiHalftimeShow! [vid]

#JustinTimberlake–his LOVE-HATE relationship with #Prince & #whiteprivlege! [details]

Philadelphia Eagles v New England Patriots - Super Bowl LII Halftime Show

It’s over.

We saw it. Justin Timberlake took to the stage to perform for Super Bowl LII.  All the ducks are in a row, JT is ‘BACK’! New album-check, new videos, Check, ALBUM RELEASE PARTY CHECK..all leading up to the BIG DAY.  HALFTIME–picture this, Minneapolis, the HOMETOWN to fallen ICON, Prince.  WHY NOT tribute the PURPLE ONE?  GREAT IDEA, wrong person to do it. Continue reading #JustinTimberlake–his LOVE-HATE relationship with #Prince & #whiteprivlege! [details]

#PhiladelphiaEagles win 1st #SuperBowl! [details]


Congrats to the Philadelphia Eagles for winning their 1st SUPER BOWL berth! Continue reading #PhiladelphiaEagles win 1st #SuperBowl! [details]

#KevinHart SHUT OUT of the #Eagles #SuperBowl celebration! [vid]



ACCESS DENIED!  Kevin Hart was SHUT OUT of the CELEBRATION for the Philadelphia Eagles SUPER BOWL LII WIN!  TAKE A LOOK! Continue reading #KevinHart SHUT OUT of the #Eagles #SuperBowl celebration! [vid]

Critics are SLAMMING #JustinTimberlake’s #HalftimePerformance [vid]

I have not been a FAN of Justin Timberlake since ‘Nipplegate’. I have expressed why on NUMEROUS platforms. In short, HIS PRIVILEGE allowed him to get off ‘SCOTT FREE’ for the wardrobe malfunction that he cause, while Janet Jackson bore the BRUNT of the CRITICISM and SHAME.

Eagles Patriots Super Bowl Football, Minneapolis, USA - 04 Feb 2018

So my opinion maybe a bit HARSH to say the least. I caught the HIGHLIGHTS of this year’s HALFTIME SHOW. I was busy REPRESENTING #JanetJacksonAppreciationDay’ to bother to tune it. But I DID catch the HIGHLIGHTS of the performance. While it was a GREAT idea and fitting to TRIBUTE Prince–he is an ICON of the ages, and your are in his BACKYARD. It makes sense–in THEORY. But in EXECUTION, NO. Prince spoke in DEPTH about his DISTASTE for holograms and technology that ALTERS reality. Continue reading Critics are SLAMMING #JustinTimberlake’s #HalftimePerformance [vid]

From her lips… #JanetJackson is NOT here for the #SuperBowlLII rumors! [details]


There have been ALL SORTS of RUMORS swirling surrounding Justin Timberlake’s SUPERBOWL halftime show.  There was the RUMOR about him paying HOMAGE to Prince in his hometown with a HOLOGRAM.  The ESTATE of the PURPLE ONE quickly shot that rumor CLEAR out of the sky. [If you missed it..revisit that story HERE].

Now there was a HUGE rumor that Janet Jackson was going to be a SURPRISE guest.  First of all, she was a guest of his before and we all know how that worked out…[In case you MISSED it revisit JT’s HYPOCRISY HERE]

Janet is NOT here for the RUMOR or SPECULATIONS. SHE CLEARS THE AIR…from her own LIPS…well FINGERS…

She wrote: Continue reading From her lips… #JanetJackson is NOT here for the #SuperBowlLII rumors! [details]

#Pink’s #SuperBowlLII performance in JEOPARDY! Singer BATTLING the FLU! [details]


As stated late last month, P!nk is SLATED to perform ‘The National Anthem’ at SuperBowl LII, but that performance of a LIFETIME for her may be a ‘NO GO’!!  The ‘What About Us’ singer is battling the nasty FLU that has been SPREADING ‘JUST LIKE FIRE’ around the nation!  Here is what we know so far about the status of her performance… Continue reading #Pink’s #SuperBowlLII performance in JEOPARDY! Singer BATTLING the FLU! [details]

Rumor PATROL.. #Prince HOLOGRAM NOT performing with #JustinTimberlake at #SuperBowlLII! [details]


RUMOR HAS IT that Justin Timberlake was trying to have a GUEST PERFORMER with him for the Pepsi SuperBowl Halftime Show!

TMZ was reporting that Justin Timberlake will apparently be joined during his performance by a Prince hologram to honor the late musician in his hometown. Will they duet on “Senorita”? We are not too SURE about this, but just the THOUGHT alone does not SIT WELL with us, and we don’t know if it would sit well with the dearly DEPARTED ICON either. SO…. WE DID SOME DIGGING and found out what’s REALLY HAPPENING with this HOLOGRAM! Continue reading Rumor PATROL.. #Prince HOLOGRAM NOT performing with #JustinTimberlake at #SuperBowlLII! [details]

#MissyElliott & #BustaRhymes star in #SuperBowlLII promo for #Doritos & #MountainDew with #MorganFreeman + #PeterDinklage! [vid]


It’s almost Super Bowl LII and what’s one of the best parts about the BIG GAME–the COMMERCIALS!  In a PAIRING that should’ve happened a LONG time ago, HIP HOP PIONEERS and INNOVATORS, Busta Rhymes and Missy Elliot FACE off in a ‘BATTLE’ with Peter Dinklage and Morgan Freeman for JOINT promos for Mountain Dew and Doritos!

Confused? Well here is a SNEAK PEAK of the face off between Doritos Blaze and MTN DEW Ice! Continue reading #MissyElliott & #BustaRhymes star in #SuperBowlLII promo for #Doritos & #MountainDew with #MorganFreeman + #PeterDinklage! [vid]