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#Offset’s ALLEGED mistress gives TEARFUL APOLOGY to #CardiB! [vid]


Earleir this week we reported that Cardi B had announced she and Offset were ‘no longer together’. We chalked it up to a PR stunt (still could be), but it appears there is some truth to it.

I mean we ALL knew it wasn’t the BEST idea to marry a man who had already CHEATED prior to the UNION and has CHILDREN from DIFFERENT WOMEN with no MARRIAGE. What made Cardi think he was going to be E with her? She literally put her CAREER on PAUSE when it was kicking into HIGH GEAR to be with him and have a CHILD and then he does what he has had a TRACK RECORD of doing–being UNFAITHFUL. Why even get married one might ask??? Well I digress, but the WOMAN who ALLEGEDLY has come between Cardi and Offset has SPOKEN OUT and has issued a TEARFUL apology for her PART in BREAKING UP CARDI B’S ‘happy home’. Continue reading #Offset’s ALLEGED mistress gives TEARFUL APOLOGY to #CardiB! [vid]