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Did #50Cent change the #PowerTV theme song back yet? #SnoopDogg WANTS answers! [vid]



There has been UPROAR and IRATE fans BANGING their heads and their TV’s when SEASON 6 OPENED on ‘Power’ and the LEGENDARY theme song had been CHANGED! WE DIDN’T LIKE IT! Joe Thomas–ICONIC BALLADEER and R&B KING, was replaced with TRIGGA TREY SONGZ….

ALTHOUGH we have nothing against TREY….but for this…for the FANS that have been INVESTED since SEASON 1–IT WAS A JARRING CHANGE that we DID NOT LIKE! It just did not fit the MOOD of the SHOW…. The music and more importantly the THEME SONG is almost like another CHARACTER of the show and it sets the MOOD. When we hear ‘It’s a BIG RICH TOWN’… we know some SHIT IS ABOUT TO GO DOWN. Trey Songz’ VERSION was a little LIGHT for me. NOW, if/when ‘Tariq’ gets a SPIN-OFF..that version would work WONDERFULLY for that. BUT for GRITTY ‘Power’ WE DON’T WANT IT–WE DON’T NEED IT!!!! LOL

FOR the FEW that MISSED…. REVISIT the POP-LIKE sounding song: Continue reading Did #50Cent change the #PowerTV theme song back yet? #SnoopDogg WANTS answers! [vid]

WATCH: #DRChroniclesBET ep 3 ‘Enter Tupac’ [full ep]

Dr. Dre discovers Snoop Dogg. Death Row releases The Chronic and Doggystyle, which are huge hits. Money pours in and everyone’s lives change, but Snoop faces murder charges. WATCH ‘Death Row Chronicles’ episode 3 ‘Enter Tupac’ BELOW! Continue reading WATCH: #DRChroniclesBET ep 3 ‘Enter Tupac’ [full ep]

#NationalSmileDay: #LilDuval ‘Smile Bitch’ feat. #SnoopDogg & #BallGreezy [vid]



IT IS #NationalSmileDay!  SO get your SMILE on..if you have teeth your are living your BEST LIFE… so SHOW EM!!

So of course we had to REVISIT #LilDuval’s BANGER ‘Smile Bitch’ with Snoop and Ball Greezy!
Continue reading #NationalSmileDay: #LilDuval ‘Smile Bitch’ feat. #SnoopDogg & #BallGreezy [vid]

VIBES from the VAULT: #DrDre ‘Nuthing But A ‘G’ Thang’ feat. #SnoopDoggyDogg [vid]


Let’s DIG back into the CRATES because this is how I FEEL right now!
Nuthing But A G Thang from Dre and Snoop!!
Continue reading VIBES from the VAULT: #DrDre ‘Nuthing But A ‘G’ Thang’ feat. #SnoopDoggyDogg [vid]

#SnoopDogg WEIGHS in on Kanye/Drake BEEF! ‘We Don’t Give A F*ck! [vid]


By now you have heard about or READ about Kanye West’s TWITTER TIRADE towards Drake. Drake wanted to rerelease his debut MIXTAPE, Kanye’s beat is used on one of the SONGS, he reached out to Kanye to get CLEARANCE for the music…KANYE goes off. We are not going to REVISIT all that WHO’s and WHY’S…every blog has already done that ad nauseum. Frankly, we are TIRED of Kanye GOING OFF on Twitter and not really making sense, and apparently so is Snoop Dogg. Uncle Snoop had some ‘CHOICE’ words for Yeezy! Take a LOOK!
Continue reading #SnoopDogg WEIGHS in on Kanye/Drake BEEF! ‘We Don’t Give A F*ck! [vid]

ON THIS DAY… 25 years ago #SnoopDogg dropped #Doggystyle! [vids]


A DOG and his debut!  25 years ago today, Snoop Doggy Dogg as he was called then along with Dr. Dre RELEASED ‘Doggystyle’ and CHANGED WEST COAST RAP FOREVER!!

Continue reading ON THIS DAY… 25 years ago #SnoopDogg dropped #Doggystyle! [vids]

#SnoopDogg receives STAR on #HollywoodWalkofFame! [vid]

Rapper Snoop Dog unveils his star on Hollywood Walk of Fame
Rapper Snoop Dogg attends the ceremony honoring him with a Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame, November 19, 2018 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by VALERIE MACON / AFP)

We would be remiss if we did not share the FABULOUS news that everybody’s favorite ‘UNCLE’, Uncle Snoop has received his STAR! Continue reading #SnoopDogg receives STAR on #HollywoodWalkofFame! [vid]

Saturday Slingback: #SnoopDogg ‘Beautiful’ feat. #Pharrell [vid]


HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Uncle Snoop!  And since that is what we are DOING, let’s SLING BACK a bit with a HIT that WE ALL bumped to, ‘Beautiful’ featuring Pharrell!

Continue reading Saturday Slingback: #SnoopDogg ‘Beautiful’ feat. #Pharrell [vid]

Happy 47th Birthday #SnoopDogg! [vid]


Today, Calvin Broadus more affectionately know as Uncle Snoop, Snoop Dogg is CELEBRATING his 47th BIRTHDAY!!  Rapper, actor, TV Host, Author and everybody’s FAVE Uncle has captivated us and REINVENTED himself  for 47 YEARS!!! Let’s ALL stand up and give UNCLE SNOOP a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY in unison for all the HITS, all the MOVIES, and all THE FUN he has brought to POP CULTURE as w whole! Continue reading Happy 47th Birthday #SnoopDogg! [vid]

NEW VIDEO: #LilDuval ‘Smile B*tch’ feat. #SnoopDogg & #BallGreezy [vid]

maxresdefault (1)

Comedian and actor, Lil’ Duval can now add Billboard Top 10 ARTIST to his EXPANSIVE resume as his LATEST hit, ‘Smile Bitch’ featuring Snoop Dogg and Ball Greezy is STEADILY rising up the charts!!! Check it OUT!
Continue reading NEW VIDEO: #LilDuval ‘Smile B*tch’ feat. #SnoopDogg & #BallGreezy [vid]

#BETAwards 18: Snaps from the #BETExperience and MORE!! [pics]



The BET Awards is about to go DOWN in L.A. tonight BUT the BET Experience has been going on ALL WEEK, with some of the BIGGEST and BRIGHTEST stars SHOWING LOVE and admiration for one another, sharing knowledge, gems for life and of COURSE MUSIC!  Check out some SNAPS from the weekend so FAR! Continue reading #BETAwards 18: Snaps from the #BETExperience and MORE!! [pics]

#Diddy & #SnoopDogg riding around L.A. looking for the COOK-OUT! Can you HELP THEM OUT? [vid]


How cool would it be if LEGENDS, Diddy and Snoop Dogg POPPED up at your BACKYARD BARBIE!?? EPIC!  Well they are RIDING AROUND L.A. RIGHT NOW looking…CAN YOU HELP THEM OUT!?? Continue reading #Diddy & #SnoopDogg riding around L.A. looking for the COOK-OUT! Can you HELP THEM OUT? [vid]