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NEW VIDEO: #SevynStreeter ‘Guilty’ feat. #ChrisBrown & #AsapFerg [vid]

Sevyn Streeter is BACK with another SMASH! The SULTRY video features a BEVY of HARDBODIES as Sevyn has her WAY with them all…

‘Guilty’ features vocals from Chris Brown & A$ap Ferg who unfortunately don’t appear in the video. Take a LOOK! Sevyn with her Aaliyah-esque CHOREO more than makes up for their absence!



Thirst Trap: #SevynStreeter serving BODY during QUARANTINE! [PIC]

Sevyn Streeter has been busy…working on that fitness! Check out..SEVYN’S QUARANTINE body odd oddy!

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WAKE UP JAM: #SevynStreeter ‘Don’t Kill The Fun’ feat. #ChrisBrown




Just because the WEEKEND is over doesn’t mean we have to ‘Kill The Fun’!  Speaking of, Sevyn Streeter had some fun over the WEEKEND celebrating her 32nd BIRTHDAY! (July 7th).  Happy Birthday Sevyn!!!  Continue reading WAKE UP JAM: #SevynStreeter ‘Don’t Kill The Fun’ feat. #ChrisBrown

Moods & Moments: #SevynStreeter ‘It Won’t Stop’ feat. #ChrisBrown [vid]

GO    go-thegamutt

Come for me
Stay for me

Rolling ’round the city
Happy to be driving with you
Just you
And your thoughts

I Dream of you and me
It won’t stop
Pulled up drop top
Til the sun sets
Still cruising
Just me and my thoughts
My thoughts of you.

Miles to go before a good night’s sleep
Just cruising
The soundtrack playing
Replaying then starting over

It won’t stop until
It’s empty
Until then, just ride
Slide with me
Feel the night air
I wish to wish it away
I dreamed a dream
And cast it away
I made a visual then blurred all the colors
I feared the perfection of the beauty before me
I sent it away
Out of fear

Chords repeat
I traveled on the wings of those lesser
Than the equal sign
I cried it away
Laid in the shades let the palms sway
Run back into the brush

The rain is coming
The tears are flowing
The seeds are growing
You heard that
It’s just lovers in the parking lot
Remembering the public eyes are on them
The voices got too loud
The souls got to proud
It won’t stop
Unless you halt the madness
Pierce the sadness
Relish the gladness
It is
And can be what you want again.

-ZAm Zhinga

Just a little something I’m working on… was listening to Sevyn Streeter’s ‘It Won’t Stop’ with Chris Brown, and that was the OUTCOME… WORK in PROGRESS…