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Saturday Slingback: #AsapRocky ‘F*ckin Problems’ feat. #2Chainz #Drake #KendrickLamar [vid]


A$ap Rocky has been on EVERYBODY’S LIPS lately*PAUSE*.  So let’s SLING IT BACK to one of his BIGGEST hits, ‘F*ckin Problems’ with 2 Chainz, Drake and Kendrick Lamar..because if you go by TWITTER after the VIDEO LEAK… A$AP may have some F*CKIN problems…lol…..
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Saturday Slingback: #DestinysChild ‘Get On The Bus’ [LIVE]


For some reason I am having Destiny’s Child nostalgia! Whatever CONFIGURATION of the GROUP, these ladies have been putting in work for over 20 years!!!! So let’s SLING IT BACK with ‘Get On The Bus’ from the ‘Why Do Fools Fall In Love’ soundtrack, produced by Timbaland!

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Saturday Slingback #Ludacris ‘Saturday (Ooh Ooh) [vid]

It’s LABOR DAY weekend and every year Ludacris rounds up his celebrity friends for LUDADAY WEEKEND! So to celebrate…let’s take it back….

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Saturday Slingback: #ToniBraxton ‘You Mean The World To Me’ [vid]



On this DAY 26 years ago, Toni Braxton released her DEBUT self-entitled album, ‘Toni Braxton’. The WHOLE project was a BOP, but we are just focusing on this one today for the SATURDAY SLINGBACK…. ‘You Mean The World To Me’….all my followers and FANS that stop in…. this is FOR YOU!!!
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Saturday Slingback: HBD #IceCube ‘You Can Do It’!



It’s the LEGENDARY Ice Cube’s BIRTHDAY!!!! so PUT YO BACK INTO IT!!!!!
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Saturday Slingback: #TBoz ‘Touch Myself’ [vid]



It’s Saturday!! Time to catch up! I been missing a few days, but I’m still here!  I would be REMISS if I didn’t WISH T-Boz a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! She celebrated on YESTERDAY! So give the AWARD-WINNING singer and ACTRESS on soap, ‘Days of Our Lives’ a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Let’s take it back with ‘Touch Myself’! Continue reading Saturday Slingback: #TBoz ‘Touch Myself’ [vid]

Saturday Slingback: #Happy420 Day #MethodMan & #Redman ‘How High’ feat #ToniBraxton [vid]



Well, it’s 4/20 so you may still be asleep… In the background. let this play to CELEBRATE, ‘How High’ from Method Man and Redman featuring Toni Braxton! Continue reading Saturday Slingback: #Happy420 Day #MethodMan & #Redman ‘How High’ feat #ToniBraxton [vid]

Saturday Slingback: #Mario ‘Break-Up’ feat. #GucciMane & #SeanGarrett [vid]



This was a BOP, right!?  Mario, Sean Garrett and Gucci Mane–‘BREAK-UP’!  Just came into my MIND, so…… we are going to SLING IT ON BACK on this FINE Saturday!
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Saturday Slingback #RaphaelSaadiq ‘Ask Of You’ [vid]



It’s a FEEL GOOD kinda Saturday!  So I felt like some CLASSIC Raphael Saadiq…. I think this was from the ‘Higher Learning’ movie soundtrack…… ‘ASK OF YOU’….. Continue reading Saturday Slingback #RaphaelSaadiq ‘Ask Of You’ [vid]

Saturday Slingback: #WhitneyHouston ‘Heartbreak Hotel’ feat. #KellyPrice & #FaithEvans [vid]



DO YOU EVEN KNOW how EPIC this COLLABORATION was! Whitney, Kelly Price, and Faith Evans!!? These 3 BIG voices together on one MEGA HIT!!
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Saturday Slingback: #FoxyBrown ‘Stylin’ feat. #Birdman #Nore #YoungGavin & #Loon [audio]



Y’all KNOW, no one can SPIT like FOXY BROWN! Hands down one of the THE BEST to ever do it! Now back in 2002 Foxy was SLATED to release ‘Ill Na Na Part 2 The Fever’ but Def Jam SHELVED the whole project. It did manage to LEAK and IT’S FIRE—it would have FURTHER cemented her place in the ANNALS of HIP HOP ROYALTY, but the POWERS THAT BE saw differently. HOWEVER, the 1st single from the project did get RELEASED unofficially and of course REMIXES sprung from that. Check out the ‘Stylin’ remix that featured Birdman, Nore, Young Gavin and Loon!
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Saturday Slingback: #BowWow ‘Ain’t Thinkin Bout You’ feat. #ChrisBrown [vid]



Bow Wow is the MAN of the HOUR, but not for the RIGHT REASONS this time.  Let’s HOPE we get some CLARIFICATION on these CHARGES before we JUDGE….. But until then, let’s SLING IT BACK with ‘Aint Thinkin Bout You’ featuring Chris Brown! Continue reading Saturday Slingback: #BowWow ‘Ain’t Thinkin Bout You’ feat. #ChrisBrown [vid]