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Saturday Slingback: #TreySongz ‘Chi Chi’ feat. #ChrisBrown [vid]


Let’s sling it back…just a TASTE with Trey Songz & Chris Brown’s ‘Chi Chi’…. Continue reading Saturday Slingback: #TreySongz ‘Chi Chi’ feat. #ChrisBrown [vid]

Saturday SlingBack: #RIPBizMarkie ‘Bennie & The Jets’ [live]


One of the GREATS to ever do it! A true PIONEER in his craft, Biz Markie could RAP and BEATBOX to anything! His was ONE OF A KIND… Check out Biz Markie PERFORMING ‘Bennie & The Jets’….. Continue reading Saturday SlingBack: #RIPBizMarkie ‘Bennie & The Jets’ [live]

Saturday Slingback: #FoxyBrown ‘Come Fly With Me’ feat. #Sizzla [audio]


Foxy Brown is a DOPE MC! ‘Come Fly With Me’ could’ve been a HIT—but it was on the ‘Black Roses’ album that never was released. TRUE fans KNOW all about it.. and Sizzla definitely ADDS to the DOPENESS of the track! Continue reading Saturday Slingback: #FoxyBrown ‘Come Fly With Me’ feat. #Sizzla

Saturday Slingback: #BowWow & #SouljaBoy ‘Marco Polo’ [vid]


VERZUZ is going down TONIGHT!!! Bow Wow & Soulja Boy CHANGED the CULTURE! And tonight they will CHANGE the VERZUZ stage! I expect alot of TRASH TALKING, but it’s ALL LOVE! The TWO have LINKED up MANY TIMES— let’s SLING IT BACK with ‘Marco Polo’! Continue reading Saturday Slingback: #BowWow & #SouljaBoy ‘Marco Polo’ [vid]

Saturday Slingback: #Juneteenth Edition feat. songs from #Beyonce #KendrickLamar, #CynthiaErivo #QueenLatifah #KellyRowland & more!!

Today is JUNTEENTH DAY, so let’s CELEBRATE FREEDOM! Freedom in every facet is NEEDED today and EVERYDAY!

Continue reading Saturday Slingback: #Juneteenth Edition feat. songs from #Beyonce #KendrickLamar, #CynthiaErivo #QueenLatifah #KellyRowland & more!!

Saturday Slingback: #TevinCampbell ‘Can We Talk'[vid]

tevin-canWe-thegamuttTevin Campbell is TRENDING early this morning, so let’s give him MORE flowers! Continue reading Saturday Slingback: #TevinCampbell ‘Can We Talk'[vid]

#Verzuz: #SWV vs #Xscape [LIVESTREAM]



Tune in LIVE here!



Saturday Slingback: #Verzuz Edition: #SWV vs #Xscape [vids]

It’s VERZUZ SATURDAY, so of course we have to give LOVE and show LOVE to the POWERHOUSE GIRL GROUPS of the 90’s SWV and XSCAPE! Check out the GROUPS showing MUTUAL admiration to each other….



Saturday Slingback: #AllForYou20-#JanetJackson ‘All For You’ [LIVE from Hawaii]

On this day we are celebrating 20 years of Janet Jackson’s now ICONIC ‘All For You’ album!

All for You is the seventh studio album by American singer Janet Jackson. It was released on April 16, 2001, by Virgin Records. The album’s development and theme were rooted in Jackson’s separation from husband René Elizondo, Jr. as she was getting to know what dating is like for the first time. Unlike The Velvet Rope, which saw Jackson tackling darker issues such as domestic violence and depressionAll for You showcased a mix of upbeat dance-pop and slow R&B sounds, incorporating rockdisco, and funk, as well as soft rock and Oriental music. Its lyrics focus on passion, romance, and intercourse, also discussing themes of betrayal and deceit. The explicit language and sexual content of several songs drew media controversy, causing the album to be banned in several countries.

Lead single “All for You” was one of Jackson’s most successful singles and broke multiple airplay records. In the US, it was the biggest hit of the year, topping the Billboard Hot 100 for seven weeks and became a top ten hit on the majority of singles charts worldwide.

Continue reading Saturday Slingback: #AllForYou20-#JanetJackson ‘All For You’ [LIVE from Hawaii]

Saturday Slingback: #FiveStar ‘Let Me Be The One’ [Vid]

This is an oldie but a goodie! Who remembers the British pop group Five Star from the 80’s!? Five Star was comprised of the 5 Pearson siblings..

Let’s sling it back with ‘Let Me Be The One’!

Continue reading Saturday Slingback: #FiveStar ‘Let Me Be The One’ [Vid]

Saturday Slingback: #HappyBirthday #MariahCarey ‘It’s Like That’ [vid]

It’s MC’s BIRTHDAY!! Let’s WISH Mariah Carey a very happy 51st birthday!!!

Continue reading Saturday Slingback: #HappyBirthday #MariahCarey ‘It’s Like That’ [vid]

Saturday Slingback: #DAngelo ‘Lady’ feat. #Az [vid]

Who’s ready for VERZUZ tonight!!??? D’ angelo and ‘FRIENDS’! We are all wondering who the ‘FRIENDS’ will be… but until we know, let’s SLING IT BACK with this CLASSIC–check out all the ‘FRIENDS’ that made cameos in the ‘Lady’ remix video!

Continue reading Saturday Slingback: #DAngelo ‘Lady’ feat. #Az [vid]