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#SNL LAMPOONS #RKellyInterview in cold open! [vid]


We’ve been inundated with the news, clips and INTERVIEWS all week, so you KNEW ‘Saturday Night Live’ had to JUMP on this STORY! The venerable sketch comedy show CLOWNS the now INFAMOUS interview between battled entertainer R. Kelly and Gayle King. And it was an added touch that VETERAN ‘SNL’ stars Leslie Jones and Kenan Thompson were the ones to do the LAMPOONING! We LOVE those two RIGHT!?

Watch as they SPOOF the interview seen around the world!
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#JanetJacksonAppreciationDay: Remember when Janet brought ‘Throb’ to #SNL!? [vid]


Picture this, it was 1994..Janet’s super HOT and SEXY ‘Janet’ album was all the rage!  Remember the TIME she GYRATED and COOED all over the ‘Saturday Night Live’ stage with a CROWD-ROUSING and EXPLICIT performance of ‘Throb’!?  WELL, you’re in LUCK!  Here it is!!

Always PUSHING THE ENVELOPE…. ‘BOOM BOOM BOOM, UNTIL NOON NOON NOON!’ Continue reading #JanetJacksonAppreciationDay: Remember when Janet brought ‘Throb’ to #SNL!? [vid]

#SNL44: #LilWayne does SNL with #Halsey #SwizzBeatz & #Future [vid]


Lil’ Wayne was the MUSICAL GUEST on ‘Saturday Night Live’ with performances of ‘Uproar’ and and a HILARIOUS SKIT, ‘Permission’! TAKE A LOOK!! Continue reading #SNL44: #LilWayne does SNL with #Halsey #SwizzBeatz & #Future [vid]

#NickiMinaj BLAZES ‘Chun Li’on #SNL[vid]


I was BUSY over the weekend, so I am just posting this. Nicki Minaj set the stage on FIRE on ‘SNL’ with a CROWD-ROUSING performance of her hit ‘Chun Li’! Take a LOOK! Continue reading #NickiMinaj BLAZES ‘Chun Li’on #SNL[vid]

#SNL43: #ChildishGambino PERFORMS new song on #SNL! [vid]


giphy (3)

Did you miss the CROWD-ROUSING performance from Childish Gambino on ‘Saturday Night Live’!? Well we got you COVERED! Continue reading #SNL43: #ChildishGambino PERFORMS new song on #SNL! [vid]

#SNL42: BEST MOMENTS with #DonaldGlover! [vids]

Can we say enough–Donald Glover was ELECTRIC as host and musical performer on ‘Saturday Night Live’! Check out the BEST SKITS of the NIGHT!

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#BenStiller #MartinShort #JimmyFallon, #ScarlettJohansson and #StormyDaniels cameo in #SNL COLD OPEN! [vid]


‘Saturday Night Live’ PROVES they still have ‘THE STUFF’ that has kep them around for over 45 years!  Still funny, still fresh and STILL POIGNANT as they get political as they’ve been known to SOAR at–taking ON of course Donald Trump!

The cold open that featured some very special guests, including Ben Stiller, Martin Short, Jimmy Fallon, Scarlett Johansson and Stormy Daniels went a bit like this: Continue reading #BenStiller #MartinShort #JimmyFallon, #ScarlettJohansson and #StormyDaniels cameo in #SNL COLD OPEN! [vid]

#NickiMinaj to perform on #SNL season finale with #TinaFey!


The REIGNING queen of rap is set to return to the ‘SNL’ stage for the season 42 FINALE!! Continue reading #NickiMinaj to perform on #SNL season finale with #TinaFey!

#DonaldGlover set to host and perform on #SNL! [details]


‘Atlanta’ creator and star, Donald Glover will wear ‘two hats’ May 5th as he HOSTS ‘Saturday Night Live’ and is alter ego is set to be the musical guest!   Continue reading #DonaldGlover set to host and perform on #SNL! [details]

ON THIS DAY 14 years ago, #JanetJackson HOSTS & is musical guest on #SNL! [vid]


Saturday Night Live

#OnThisDay back in 2004 @JanetJackson appears as lead guest, presenter and musical performer on the hit show ‘Saturday Night Live’ Season 29, episode 17 – Ratings for the show increase week on week by 7%. #JanetsLegacyMatters #JanetJackson!!

Who can ever forget the ICONIC and FUNNY ‘CorkSoakers’ SKIT!! LOL! Continue reading ON THIS DAY 14 years ago, #JanetJackson HOSTS & is musical guest on #SNL! [vid]

The BEST moments of #CardiB & #ChadwickBoseman on #SNL! [vids]

maxresdefault (5)

Did you MISS ‘Saturday Night Live’ with Chadwick Boseman and Cardi B!  Well you missed A LOT, but we have some of the best MOMENTS from the SHOW RIGHT HERE for you in a LOVELY little PACKAGE!

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#CardiB CONFIRMS PREGNANCY in GRAND style on #SNL! [vid]


Well the RUMORS are finally VERIFIED.  Cardi B is INDEED pregnant, and she used the ‘SNL’ stage as her personal BABY ANNOUNCEMENT arena. Now we have been saying and speculating for WEEKS that the rapper was with child, but she did not CONFIRM any of the RUMORS… UNTIL NOW.

On the HUGE platform like ‘SNL’, during Cardi’s second performance she but the RUMORS out on FRONT STREET…literally.  While performing her soon to be NEXT HIT, ‘Be Careful’, Cardi, dressed in a form-fitting all white gown started her bars as the camera panned out to reveal her FULL figure and FULL BABY BUMP, you can hear the REACTION from the CROWD! Continue reading #CardiB CONFIRMS PREGNANCY in GRAND style on #SNL! [vid]