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#SexandTheCity REVIVAL confirmed at #HBOMax! [Vid]

So it’s a GO! MORE ‘SEX’ in 2022!

“Sex and the City” is getting the revival treatment at HBO Max, Variety has confirmed.

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#SexandTheCity LIMITED reboot eyed by #HBOMax![details]

Could a ‘Sex and the City’ REBOOT B
be in the near future… HBO MAX is eyeing the idea….but can ALL the ladies from the original meet at the ‘TABLE’?

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Is there still HOPE for #SATC3!? #SJP is NOT ruling it out! Talks #KimCattrall ‘FEUD’! [details]


Fans of the UBER popular ‘Sex and The City’ franchise had their hopes DASHED last year when we found out that there was a SCRIPT being prepared for a 3rd movie, but Kim Cattral was the STALEMATE in the PROJECT being shelved INDEFINITELY.  We are even more  BUMMED out when it appeared that there was a PUBLIC dispute between Cattrall and her fellow cast-mates, namely Sarah Jessica Parker.  Fast forward to 2018 and the conversation has come up again.  SJP went on record saying that there was no public BEEF with her and her co-star Cattrall and that the ladies have not DEFINITELY ruled out a 3rd movie!  HERE is what she had to say in an ALL NEW interview. Continue reading Is there still HOPE for #SATC3!? #SJP is NOT ruling it out! Talks #KimCattrall ‘FEUD’! [details]

#SATC Drama! #SarahJessicaParker was ‘HEARTBROKEN’ by #KimCattrall remarks! [vid]


FANS of the UBER hit ‘Sex and the City’ franchise have had their hearts DASHED over and over again when it comes to getting a ‘SATC3’ from the four ladies, Cynthia Nixon, Kristin Davis, Kim Cattrall and Sarah Jessica Parker.  There was even a SCRIPT READY for the movie and 3 of the four were on board, but Cattrall spoke out HARSHLY about ever revisiting her feisty character again causing the project to be shelved once again. Continue reading #SATC Drama! #SarahJessicaParker was ‘HEARTBROKEN’ by #KimCattrall remarks! [vid]