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#NickiMinaj UNVEILS cover art for #SuperFreakyGirl single! [Pic]

After Nicki Minaj asked the fans to name her next single that has been making a huge buzz on social media sites from just a snippet, she has finalized the title and dropped the cover art!

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WAKE UP JAM: #RickJames ‘You & I/Superfreak’ [LIVE]


Rick James was a MUSICAL genius.. WATCH him PERFORM, ‘You & I’ and ‘Super Freak’ LIVE at FARMAID 1986!!

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WAKE UP JAM: #RickJames ‘You & I’ [vid]





This song popped into my head!  Rick James’ ‘You & I’!  This song takes me back to being a kid because I remember my UNCLES used to play this and I even have a VAGUE memory of him having this on VINYL—I may add my UNCLE is a DJ..that uses RECORDS.  I wonder if he still has them…he might be RICH now if he DOES…. AT ANY RATE, let’s get FUNKED up with some CLASSIC RICK JAMES for this FRIDAY! Continue reading WAKE UP JAM: #RickJames ‘You & I’ [vid]