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#DrDre & #LHHH star #AprylJones SPARK dating rumors! Seen together at #BOA Steakhouse in L.A.! [vid]

Dr. Dre must be ON THE MEND, as the MEGA-WATT producer/mogul was SPOTTED having dinner at BOA Steakhouse in L.A. last night with ‘Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’ star Apryl Jones!

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#ThirstTrap: #Omarion Thirst Trappin in GREY SWEATS! [Vid]

The fans just love the cool, collected swagger of Omarion!

And to top that off, he is talented and can dance his ASS off!

A walking, breathing THIRST TRAP!

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#ThirstTrap: #Omarion and his brothers #Oryan & #Ukil SHIRTLESS! [pics]

Omarion set social media on BLAZE with his RECENT Muze Magazine spread with his BROTHER, O’ryan.

Fans are going NUTS over another THIRST TRAP post of O, with his other brother Ukil and O’ryan—SHIRTLESS! YES..there are 3 of them!

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#ThirstTrap: #Omarion & his brother #ORyan for #MuzeMagazine [pics]

Omarion & his brother O’Ryan look ‘unbothered’ as they THIRST TRAP for Muze magazine! O talks about reconnecting with family and music while in quarantine! Continue reading #ThirstTrap: #Omarion & his brother #ORyan for #MuzeMagazine [pics]

WAKE UP JAM: #Omarion ‘Icebox’ [Vid]


Think about it… Omarion had some cold solo hits! SEGUE… O so “cold”, it’s COLD as ice here in Atlanta…so let’s go back with ‘Icebox’…. I liked this joint!

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ZING! #Omarion announces #MillenniumTour WITHOUT #B2K on #Fizz’s Birthday! [Details]

We have all been following the Omarion, Apryl Jones, Fizz drama. We already know how messy it is.But fans have applauded Omarion for seemingly taking the high road when his baby mother finally revealed she was in a relationship and had been for sometime with his bandmate Fizz.Fast forward to today, Fizz’s birthday…Omarion announces that he will be headlining an all new Millennium tour WITHOUT B2K!

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#RazB has ONSTAGE MELTDOWN in Nashville! [vid]


The Millenium Tour has been THRILLING fans of B2K around the country for the past few weeks, but ONE member in PARTICULAR has been in the SPOTLIGHT and it’s not the LEAD SINGER, Omarion.  Raz B has been VERY VOCAL about not feeling ‘SAFE’ on tour because the group’s EX-manager Chris Stokes has been in the MIX.

Raz unceremoniously ‘QUIT’ the tour a few weeks ago, only to return hours later at the URGING of the fans and most likely his group members.  But it appears the ANXIETY came to a head at a tour stop in Nashville where Raz had what looks like a MELTDOWN on stage and WALKED OFF mid-set!
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