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#Offset’s ALLEGED mistress gives TEARFUL APOLOGY to #CardiB! [vid]


Earleir this week we reported that Cardi B had announced she and Offset were ‘no longer together’. We chalked it up to a PR stunt (still could be), but it appears there is some truth to it.

I mean we ALL knew it wasn’t the BEST idea to marry a man who had already CHEATED prior to the UNION and has CHILDREN from DIFFERENT WOMEN with no MARRIAGE. What made Cardi think he was going to be E with her? She literally put her CAREER on PAUSE when it was kicking into HIGH GEAR to be with him and have a CHILD and then he does what he has had a TRACK RECORD of doing–being UNFAITHFUL. Why even get married one might ask??? Well I digress, but the WOMAN who ALLEGEDLY has come between Cardi and Offset has SPOKEN OUT and has issued a TEARFUL apology for her PART in BREAKING UP CARDI B’S ‘happy home’. Continue reading #Offset’s ALLEGED mistress gives TEARFUL APOLOGY to #CardiB! [vid]


TROLLING or FACTS? #CardiB claims she SPLIT from #Offset! [vid]

2018 Jingle Ball - Los Angeles - Show, Inglewood, USA - 30 Nov 2018

In her most RECENT Instagram post, Cardi B CLAIMS she split from Offset! Here is what she said:
Continue reading TROLLING or FACTS? #CardiB claims she SPLIT from #Offset! [vid]

#CardiB CHALLENGES #Offset to a RAP BATTLE! [vid]


Now there is nothing like a little RIVALRY in the HOUSEHOLD right?  Well, Cardi B just CHALLENGED her hubby, Offset to a RAP BATTLE!!  Yes.. the LOSER of the BATTLE is RESPONSIBLE for paying for ALL the HOLIDAY decorations for BOTH of their homes!  Here is what Cardi said to Offset:
Continue reading #CardiB CHALLENGES #Offset to a RAP BATTLE! [vid]

NEW MUSIC: #KodakBlack ‘ZeZe’ feat. #TravisScott & #Offset [audio]


Kodak Black is back with another BANGER and this time he teamed with Travis Scott and Offset! Take a LISTEN!!
Continue reading NEW MUSIC: #KodakBlack ‘ZeZe’ feat. #TravisScott & #Offset

#CardiB & #Offset TEASE first baby pic of #Kulture! [pic]


Even though she was born July 10, we still have not seen one GLIMPSE of Cardi B and Offset’s baby, Kulture… until now.

The COUPLE took to SOCIAL MEDIA to TEASE us with the first baby pics!  Take a LOOK! Continue reading #CardiB & #Offset TEASE first baby pic of #Kulture! [pic]

#Offset ARRESTED in Atlanta! [details]

images (7)

Now Offset SHOULD be home enjoyimg and helping Cardi B tend to their new baby girl Kulture, but he is out ZOOMING through the streets of Atlanta and getting ARRESTED!!

Continue reading #Offset ARRESTED in Atlanta! [details]

NEW MUSIC: #LilYachty ‘Who Want Smoke’ feat. #CardiB & #Offset [audio]


So is CARDI B dissing Nicki Minaj on ‘Who Want Smoke’?  Well take a listen: Continue reading NEW MUSIC: #LilYachty ‘Who Want Smoke’ feat. #CardiB & #Offset

Go INSIDE #CardiB’s Bardi Baby Shower! [vid]


Cardi B and Offset celebrated the coming of their new Bundle OF JOY last night in Atlanta with a FESTIVE BABY SHOWER.  Cardi called the event ‘A Bronx Fairytale’! Continue reading Go INSIDE #CardiB’s Bardi Baby Shower! [vid]

#CardiB confirms she married #Offset LAST YEAR! [Details]


When Migos accepted their BET Award last night, Offset raises eyebrows when he gave a shout out to his ‘WIFE’!  HOL UP.. wife?..  A day later we were speculating if Cardi & Offset had jumped the broom.  Well Cardi confirmed that the two tied the knot way back in September! Continue reading #CardiB confirms she married #Offset LAST YEAR! [Details]

MAG TAG: #CardiB bares BABY BUMP on #RollingStone with #Offset! [pic]



Cardi B and Offset cover the July edition of ‘Rolling Stone’!  Cardi bares it ALL wearing a BLACK DRESS with a long train that shows off her BARE baby bump.  Proud DAD-TO-BE Offset is looking OH SO GROOVY in a red velvet suit as he is KISSING his CREATION!

Once we get more info on the SPREAD we will UPDATE you guys.. but for NOW..just BASK in the AURA of the new HIP HOP ROYALTY before you!