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#VMAS 2018: Musical chairs? #TravisScott moves his seat AWAY from #NickiMinaj! [details]


The SEATING CHART came out over the weekend for tonight’s VMAS and we saw that Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner were seated BEHIND Nicki Minaj. Well in a bit of MUSICAL CHAIRS, Travis Scott requested his seat be changed to the other side of the room! Continue reading #VMAS 2018: Musical chairs? #TravisScott moves his seat AWAY from #NickiMinaj! [details]


WATCH: #AliciaKeys TRIBUTES #ArethaFranklin on #QueenRadio! [vid]


Alicia Keys stopped by Nicki Minaj’s #QueenRadio show and gave a WARM, POWERFUL tribute to Aretha Franklin with ‘Natural Woman’!  TAKE A LOOK!
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MAG TAG: #NickiMinaj covers #Vogue Arabia! [pic]



NICKI MINAJ covers ‘Vogue Arabia’!  Check out the COVER!!


POWER TO WOMEN…POWER to ‘Queen’ Nicki!




#NickiMinaj SLASHES #Queen price to $5! [details]


You can call it a SMART business TACTIC, but some may call it a sign of DESPERATION, but Nicki Minaj’s CAMP SLASHES the price of her ‘Queen’ album to $5.00 as part of a DELUXE bundle set! Continue reading #NickiMinaj SLASHES #Queen price to $5! [details]

Case of the EX! #NickiMinaj & #Safaree AIRING each other out! She claims he stole credit cards for prostitutes and MORE! [vid]


SO..this happened while I was away…


Nicki Minaj sat down with FunkMaster Flex to promote her latest album, ‘Queen’.  During theinterview she talked about her album and the state of music, when the conversation turned to her EX Safaree.  Safaree had said some time ago that he wrote Nicki’s rhymes… Nicki said:

“The world knowing that other big female MCs have gotten people to write for them, he knew by saying that, it wouldn’t be a stretch,” said Nicki. “He knew by so many people always wanting to tear me down in some way, and they just couldn’t find something to tear me down with, he knew that was it,” she said. “The only reason he did that was because he was hurting inside. He shitted on me and finally got shitted on.”

She CONTINUED to go in on Safaree, who got wind of all this and clapped back on Twitter:
Continue reading Case of the EX! #NickiMinaj & #Safaree AIRING each other out! She claims he stole credit cards for prostitutes and MORE! [vid]

#NickiMinaj goes in on #DJSelf for trying to have her spread RUMORS about #CardiB! [details]

maxresdefault (43)

Nicki Minaj and DJ Self are GOING in on SOCIAL MEDIA. Nicki is CLAIMING DJ SELF was talking TRASH about Cardi B to CURRY favor with her! Take a LOOK at the EXCHANGE…
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#NickiMinaj WOWS on #TheLateShow with #StephenColbert! [full ep]


Stephen welcomes international HIP/HOP STAR Nicki Minaj, actor Guy Pearce, with musical guest Mac Miller! Nicki ADDS Stephen Colbert to her ‘Barbie Dreams’ RAP!

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NEW VIDEO: #NickiMinaj ‘Ganja Burns’ [vid]


Nicki Minaj is FIRING on all CYLINDERS this go-round.  HOT of the RELEASE of her highly-anticipated ‘Queen’ project, she UNLEASHES the stunning visual for ‘Ganja Burns’ that tells the story of a queen’s kingdon being DESTROYED by her enemies.

The 6-minute mini-movie was directed by Mert & Marcus.
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NEW MUSIC: UNRELEASED ‘Queen’ song #NickiMinaj ‘Sorry’ feat. #Nas [audio]


We are still BANGING Nicki Minaj’s ‘Queen’ album, right? But the SONG that was potentially going to HOLD the album up exists and it featured Nas. Apparently, the song was supposed to be on the project, but it couldn’t make it because of a sample clearance issue. The song features an unauthorized Tracy Chapman sample, which if cleared, would’ve pushed her LP release back. WE HAVE the UNRELEASED song after the JUMP!
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STREAM: #NickiMinaj ‘Queen’ [album stream]


BARBZ it’s HERE!!! Nicki Minaj drops ‘QUEEN’! Take a LISTEN here!!
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