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NEW VIDEO: @RealLesIsMore ‘Doing The Most’ [vid]


Singer/songwriter and friend to the MAG LesIsMore is back with another FIRE video from his ‘More Or Les’ project—AVAILABLE on iTunes right now!  This time we get the VISUAL for ‘Doing The Most’ shot and CHOPPED by TwentyTwoTime.

Check out the video below and see if you can pick up the sample the song interpolates…HINT.. it’s from a HUGE boy band that have hits spanning 5 decades that gave us none other than The King of Pop! Continue reading NEW VIDEO: @RealLesIsMore ‘Doing The Most’ [vid]


NEW VIDEO: #TheCarters ‘Ape Sh*t’ [vid]



WATCH Beyonce and JAY Z LAVISH at the Louvre and FLOSS all over FRANCE in the new VISUAL for ‘Apeshit’! Continue reading NEW VIDEO: #TheCarters ‘Ape Sh*t’ [vid]

NEW VIDEO: #Drake REUNITES with #Degrassi for ‘I’m Upset’ video [vid]


This should do well for Drake. Despite not responding to Pusha T’s ‘Story of Adidon’, Drizzy appeases his other CORE fans with a bit of NOSTALGIA in the ‘I’m Upset’ video.  Aubrey, reunites with his ‘Degrassi’ cast for his latest visual! Continue reading NEW VIDEO: #Drake REUNITES with #Degrassi for ‘I’m Upset’ video [vid]

NEW VIDEO: #LilKim ‘Spicy’ feat. #Fabolous [vid]

The QUEEN BEE, Lil’ Kim is back with a NEW visual and has a little help from Fabolous. It appears that she went with a ‘Great Gatsby’ vibe in the video for ‘Spicy’. Take a look! Continue reading NEW VIDEO: #LilKim ‘Spicy’ feat. #Fabolous [vid]

NEW VIDEO: #ChrisBrown ‘Hope You Do’ [vid]

Chris Brown is back with ANOTHER new video from his PLATINUM-SELLING ‘Heartbreak On A Full Moon’ project.  This time, Breezy slows it down a TAD with the mid-tempo, ‘Hope You Do’.  Of COURSE, Chris flexes his DANCING PROWESS in this BLACK & WHITE visual.  The song seems to INTERPOLATE parts of Donnell Jones’ hit ‘Where I Wanna Be’…. TAKE A LOOK! Continue reading NEW VIDEO: #ChrisBrown ‘Hope You Do’ [vid]

NEW VIDEO: #ChrisBrown ‘Tempo’ [vid]


Yes, I know the visual was out since March, but it just GREW on me lately, so that’s why I’m just posting it.  Chris Brown does not DISAPPOINT with his futuristic dance-heavy visual for ‘Tempo’!  Take a LISTEN! Continue reading NEW VIDEO: #ChrisBrown ‘Tempo’ [vid]

NEW VIDEO: #Miguel ‘Come Thru and Chill’ feat. #JCole [vid]



When Miguel and J. Cole LINK– it’s ALWAYS MAGIC!  I’m digging the VIBE of their latest COLLAB.. ‘Come Thru and Chill’…. The MELANIN is POPPIN in this one! Continue reading NEW VIDEO: #Miguel ‘Come Thru and Chill’ feat. #JCole [vid]

NEW VIDEO: #LHHMIA’s #AmaraLaNegra ‘Insecure’ [vid]



“Love & Hip Hop Miami’ BREAK-OUT star Amara La Negra is HEATING up this SUMMER with the release of her LATEST, ‘Insecure’! This song has been on REPEAT for me.  This REALITY star has CHOPS!  She can really sing.  This ISLAND-TINGED romp is just the right vibe for SUMMER and the LADIES have a NEW ANTHEM for a cheating mate! Expect BIG THINGS from this one…WATCH.
Continue reading NEW VIDEO: #LHHMIA’s #AmaraLaNegra ‘Insecure’ [vid]

NEW VIDEO: #KianaLede ‘Fairplay’


I heard this song on Sirius XM’s ‘The Heat’ and I was like, ‘WHO IS THIS?’.  THe song was ‘Fairplay’ and it was by a new artist Kiane Lede.  SO…WHO IS Kiana Lede!?
Continue reading NEW VIDEO: #KianaLede ‘Fairplay’

NEW VIDEO: #CardiB ‘I Like It’ feat. #JBalvin & #BadBunny [vid]



Cardi B drops another video from her CHART-TOPPING debut, ‘Invasion of Privacy’, this time it’s ‘I Like It’ featuring Bad Bunny and J. Balvin. Eif Rivera DIRECTS and Cardi serves up looks inspired by Carmen Miranda and Celia Cruz! TAKE A LOOK! Continue reading NEW VIDEO: #CardiB ‘I Like It’ feat. #JBalvin & #BadBunny [vid]