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NEW VIDEO: #PopSmoke ‘Demeanor’ feat. #DuaLipa [vid]


We have ANOTHER HOT song from the LATE Pop Smoke. This time he TEAMS up with Dua Lipa for ‘Demeanor’! The POP COLLAB came about following a viral video clip of Pop listening to Dua’s “One Kiss” in 2020.

“I’m so proud to be on this amazing song and to celebrate Pop as such a great artist,” said Dua. “I was really touched when Steven Victor from his label showed me the video of Pop dancing to ‘One Kiss’ and told me how much Pop liked my music. Hope everyone enjoys the video, it was great working with Nabil again and it’s one of my favorite videos.”

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NEW VIDEO: #SilkSonic ‘Skate’ [vid]

You THOUGHT they didn’t have MORE HEAT! Well just in time for SUMMER, we got another INSTANT CLASSIC from Silk Sonic in the form of ‘Skate’!!


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NEW VIDEO: #DaBaby ‘Giving What It’s Supposed To Give’ [vid]

Da Baby still has his FOOT on the GAS despite his recent CONTROVERSY surrounding his AIDS/sucking dick comments at Rolling Out.

‘Giving What It’s Supposed To Give’ finds Da Baby getting HEAD in prison among other things in the visual that pays homage to cult classic movie ‘I Got The Hook Up’… Check out Jonathan Kirk’s LATEST antics in the video he DIRECTED…

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NEW VIDEO: #LilNasX ‘INDUSTRY BABY’ feat. #JackHarlow [vid]

LNX BREAKS OUT the PIN with this one, ‘INDUSTRY BABY’ is here and Jack Harlow is ALONG for the RIDE!

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NEW VIDEO: #SnohAalegra channels #Sade vibes for ‘LOST YOU’! [vid]


Snoh Aalegra’s latest project ‘TEMPORARY HIGHS IN THE VIOLET SKIES’ is SMOKING hot. DEFINITELY a MUST HAVE for your SUMMER PLAYLIST. I can hear a lot of the BAND SADE in her work and that is no DIFFERENT on her latest, ‘LOST YOU’. Take a LOOK AND LISTEN below…. Continue reading NEW VIDEO: #SnohAalegra channels #Sade vibes for ‘LOST YOU’! [vid]

NEW VIDEO: #CityGirls ‘Twerkulator’ [vid]


City Girls are back and they ASSES are knocking down BUILDINGS!! Missy Elliott DIRECTS this BOOTY-ful visual with creative direction from none other than famed PHOTOG and director Derek Blanks! Take a LOOK!

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NEW VIDEO: #IggyAzalea ‘I Am The StripClub’ [vid]

Iggy Azalea is BACK and has the House of Balmain along for the RIDE in her latest visual for ‘I Am The StripClub’!

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NEW VIDEO: #Wale ‘Angles’ feat. #ChrisBrown [vid]

Wale is back with a POTENTIAL summer banger with none other than Chris Brown on the HOOK! ALREADY a recipe for a HIT, right? Take a LOOK & LISTEN!

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NEW VIDEO: #DojaCat ‘Need To Know’ [vid]

Doja Cat is BACK! She and GIRLS go on a FUTURISTIC PARTY bus in search of the ULTIMATE after-hours spot to TURN-UP for the NIGHT!

Track will appear on pop star’s upcoming album, Planet Her

Take a look at the ‘Need To Know’ visual below!

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NEW VIDEO: #MeganTheeStallion ‘Thot Sh*t’ [vid]


Meg Thee Stallion is BACK on her ‘Thot Shit’ with her latest visual! The Houston Hottie raps, “Hands on me knees, shaking ass on my thot shit,” she raps over the booming bassline. Continue reading NEW VIDEO: #MeganTheeStallion ‘Thot Sh*t’ [vid]

NEW VIDEO: #RoddyRicch ‘Late At Night’ starring #KarruecheTran [vid]


Roddy Ricch is BACK with a NEW JOINT, ‘Late At Night’. In the ‘Thriller-inspired’ video, Karrueche Tran stars alongside Ricch. Take a LOOK! Continue reading NEW VIDEO: #RoddyRicch ‘Late At Night’ starring #KarruecheTran [vid]

NEW VIDEO: #BTS ‘Butter’ [vid]

BTS is BACK smashing RECORDS all around the world with their LATEST release, ‘Butter’!

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