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NEW MUSIC: #BrunoMars ‘Please Me’ feat. #CardiB [audio]


They are back!  The TAG team of Bruno Mars and Cardi B release the ANTICIPATED new COLLAB, ‘Please Me’!

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NEW VIDEO: #Ciara ‘Greatest Love’ [vid]

ciara-greatest love-thegamutt


Ciara is BACK and she is GUSHING about the ‘Greatest Love’ she has ever KNOWN….. I wonder who she’s REFERRING TOO!

I’m sure Future is about to DROP 2 mixtapes tonight that SOUND exactly like the last ones… JUST KIDDING, but not really….

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NEW MUSIC: #NickiMinaj ‘Bust Down Barbiana’ [freestyle]

1549496622_4525b453c4e6b107f744b829fdcc0e89Nicki Minaj is coming out BLAZING on these FREESTYLES she has been dropping as of late. This time around, Nicki FLIPS Blueface’s ‘Thotiana’ and makes it her own!
Quotable Lyrics:
Percocets, pop-iana
Killin’ everybody beat, thank you, next, Ariana
You gon’ have to give me top-iana
If you tryna get some slop-iana
I call my opps opp-iana

Take a LISTEN after the JUMP!!!
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NEW MUSIC: #NickiMinaj REMIXES #Drake & #MeekMill’s ‘Going Bad’ [audio]

nicki-minaj-GOING BAD-thegamutt

Nicki Minaj came back SLAPPING for sure on Queen Radio’s TRIUMPHANT RETURN!  Not only is she gushing about her new LOVE, she dropped the NEWS that her NEXT album is COMPLETE and she even REMIXED  Drake & Meek Mill’s ‘Going Bad’!  You HAVE TO HEAR this!! Continue reading NEW MUSIC: #NickiMinaj REMIXES #Drake & #MeekMill’s ‘Going Bad’

NEW MUSIC: #NickiMinaj ‘Barbie Drip’ [audio]


Nicki Minaj’s ‘QUEEN RADIO’ is back and better than EVER!!  Her guest was Soulja Boy, but one OT TOPIC she dropped during the session was that she has already completed her next album!  ALSO she has some new music coming, she also DROPPED off this new ‘Barbie Drip’ track!  Take a LISTEN!!
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NEW MUSIC: #ChrisBrown ‘Who Dis’ [audio]


Chris Brown is MOVING on past his RAPE allegations in which no CHARGES were filed and Brown is set to SUE his accuser for DEFAMATION.  But moving from that, Breezy offers up another taste of things to come from his UPCOMING project, ‘Indigo’.  Another BOP in the form of ‘Who Dis’.
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NEW MUSIC: #JCole “Middle Child” [audio]

J.cole drops “Middle Child”!

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#JCole ANNOUNCES ‘Revenge of the Dreamers III! [details]



Cole has revealed plans for the third installment in his Revenge of the Dreamers series. He made the ANNOUNCEMENT on SOCIAL media over the weekend.
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NEW MUSIC: #DAngelo ‘Unshaken’ [audio]


Poof! Just like that, D’Angelo is back on the scene! The ‘Brown Sugar’ crooner just released a new jam, ‘Unshaken’ lifted from the soundtrack to Rockstar video game ‘Red Dead Redemption 2,’. Take a listen!
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NEW MUSIC: #ChrisBrown ‘Undecided’ [audio]


Chris Brown is WASTING no TIME in 2019!  The ‘Kiss Kiss’ singer TEASED a new PROJECT was on the way after the holidays and TODAY we got our FIRST TASTE of things to come.  Breezy dropped the LIGHT and AIRY, Scott Storch-produced single, ‘Undecided’.  The NEW BOP interpolates Shanice’s MONSTER 90’s hit, “I Love Your Smile”, so if that is any INDICATION, you know the SONG is INFECTIOUS at best!  Take a LISTEN!!
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