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Sunday Energy Shot: HBD #KanyeWest ‘Power’ [vid]



Happy birthday Kanye! No one can should have all that ‘POWER’..but he does!
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WAKE UP JAM: #PhyllisHyman ‘You Know How To Love Me’ [vid]


Thank goodness for TVone’s ‘Unsung’! This is how I was first introduced to Phyllis Hyman’s TIMELESS classic, ‘You Know How To Love Me’.
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WAKE UP JAM: #NinaSimone ‘Feeling Good’ [audio]

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WAKE IT UP!! As we have the FIRST FRIDAY of the NEW YEAR at hand, how are you feeling so far? It’s a NEW DAY, new year, new you, you should be ‘Feeling Good’ like Nina Simone sings….
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NEW VIDEO: #LittleMix ‘Woman Like Me’ feat. #NickiMinaj [vid]

What do you get when you put 4 little princesses in a castle with one ‘Queen’–Nicki Minaj?  Well you have Little Mix’s latest video for ‘Woman Like Me’ directed by Marc Klasfeld.  TAKE A LOOK!!!

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#KanyeWest ANNOUNCES new album #Yandhi! [details]


Kanye West is INDEED a BUSY MAN… HOT off of producing 3 of the HOTTEST album of the summer: Nas, Pusha T, and Teyana Taylor and his OWN album and joint PROJECT with Kid Cudi, Yeezy is STILL on the GRIND.  Kanye just announced the follow-up to ‘Yeezus’ entitled ‘Yandhi’ and also a joint album with Chance the Rapper!!! Continue reading #KanyeWest ANNOUNCES new album #Yandhi! [details]

WATCH: #BeingBobbyBrown season 1 ep 1 ‘Brown Family Christmas’ [full ep]

After being released from prison in Boston, Bobby is joined by wife Whitney Houston for a family vacation in the Bahamas.  WATCH ‘Being Bobby Brown’ season 1 episode 1 BELOW~!
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STREAM: #ChristinaAguilera ‘Liberation’ [album stream]



Christina Aguilera’s ‘Liberation’ is HERE!!



Stream the new project HERE!



If Christina Aguilera’s 2002 album, Stripped, was her definitive statement on sexuality and identity, Liberation, her first album in six years, is her declaration of independence. As executive producer, she takes full creative control here, choosing her collaborators and dipping her toes in new stylistic streams. Her versatility is on full display on “Right Moves,” a simmer-down reggae joint, and “Sick of Sittin’,” an acid-rock throwback on which she taps her inner Tina Turner. And the Kanye West-produced “Accelerate,” with Ty Dolla $ign and 2 Chainz, deepens her relationship with hip-hop. But even more central than these playful experiments are the empowering vibes that the mom of two unleashes throughout: “Dreamers” opens with a chorus of girls’ voices stating their ambitions, and “Fall in Line” is a #MeToo anthem with Demi Lovato.



WAKE UP JAM: #Mya ‘Case of the Ex’ [vid]





Always a GOOD time for a Mya CUT, right!?  She was CRUSHING it back then and STILL is!  Let’s go back to 2000 with Mya’s ‘Case of the Ex ( Whatcha Gonna Do)’!! Continue reading WAKE UP JAM: #Mya ‘Case of the Ex’ [vid]

WAKE UP JAM: #LilScrappy ‘Head Bussa’ feat. #LilJon [vid]


Let’s take it back to the OLD A-Town!  Scrappy is CELEBRATING the release of his new PROJECT, ‘Confrident’, but let’s go back a bit and tear some CLUBS up with ‘Head Bussa’!! Continue reading WAKE UP JAM: #LilScrappy ‘Head Bussa’ feat. #LilJon [vid]

STREAM : #YoMTVRaps 30th Anniversary concert![livestream]


Yo MTV Rap 30th anniversary concert is here! Continue reading STREAM : #YoMTVRaps 30th Anniversary concert![livestream]

#MadeDefiant- New #BeatsbyDre advert features #LebronJames, #KevinDurant & #JamesHarden! [vid]

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Defiance is turning obstacles into opportunities. Doubt into belief. The limits holding you back into the power pushing you forward. And on this court, nobody does it better. @KingJames @KDTrey5 @JHarden13 #MadeDefiant
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#JenniferLopez TEASES new music with #CardiB & #DjKhaled! [details]


JLO has been fairly QUIET on the music scene for a little bit, but apparently that is about to HEAT UP for the summer.  The ‘Waiting For Tonight’ singer TEASED that some new music is coming down the pipeline with Cardi B and DJKhaled!

No WORD on WHEN–but we will keep you INFORMED!