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#WednesdayWisdom from #MissyElliott- ‘DO YA THANG!’ [vid]



Missy Elliott has been a BALL of POSITIVITY on SOCIAL MEDIA as of late!  let’s get some #WednesdayWisdom from the one and only ‘MISDEMEANOR’!

Message📬 Ain’t No Shame Do Ya Thang Just Make Sho YOU AHEAD OF DA GAME🙌🏾🙌🏾✔️💯✍🏾💰 just like dat😉

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STAR TRACKS: #Missy & #Timbaland ENJOYING the WEEKEND! [vid]


Now we all know these two are the REAL ‘SUPAFRIENDS’–Missy & Timbaland!  They go so FAR back and are so tight that we get they styles TANGLED…to quote Missy herself.  We ain’t NEVER heard about the RIFT, no TIFT or no STRIFE between these two.  These are the type of FRIENDS that you want to keep and hold on to for your whole life.  Let’s hope these two are collaborating on some new music, because we KNOW when these two UNITE—it’s gonna be a FIRE!


HEY MISSY and TIMBO the KING… we see ya!



#TuesdayThoughts: #MissyElliott MOTIVATES us to KEEP PUSHING! [vid]



Tuesday Thoughts… Have your EVER been trying, plotting, wishing, making preparations for something and it just feels like you are BREATHING in QUICKSAND?  All of your attempts seem to FALL short and you feel like THROWING in the TOWEL?  Well Missy is out here living her BEST life and has been dropping GEMS for the fans… Just when you want to GIVE UP–keep pushing! Continue reading #TuesdayThoughts: #MissyElliott MOTIVATES us to KEEP PUSHING! [vid]

STAR TRACKS: #MissyElliott is ready for the WEEKEND! [vid]



What’s going on with Missy Elliott!?  Whatever it is, let’s hope she BOTTLES it and sells it to us MERE MORTALS!  Missy is LOOKING fab and is READY for the WEEKEND!!  ARE YOU!??


WAKE UP JAM: #MissyElliott ‘Work it’ [vid]


giphy (24)


Rounding out our SALUTE to Missy Elliott week is another one of our faves, ‘Work It’!  When you saw Missy SLIDE into frame on this one, you knew she had another DOPE, INNOVATIVE video for the ages…. THANKS Missy for always thinking outside of the BOX!!! Continue reading WAKE UP JAM: #MissyElliott ‘Work it’ [vid]

WAKE UP JAM: #MissyElliott ‘Lose Control’ feat. #Ciara + #FatManScoop [vid]



Missy Elliott–still paying HOMAGE to the VISIONARY ‘Misdemeanor’… Another one of our FAVES–‘Lose Control’. Fun Fact about this video is that Missy had to COERCE Ciara into ‘RAPPING’.  CiCi didn’t know if it would go over WELL, but Missy already knew it was going to be DOPE and it was… and the rest is HISTORY! Continue reading WAKE UP JAM: #MissyElliott ‘Lose Control’ feat. #Ciara + #FatManScoop [vid]

WAKE UP JAM: #MissyElliott ‘One-Minute Man’ feat. #Ludacris & #Trina [vid]




We are still CHAMPIONING the HIP HOP INNOVATOR, rapper, singer, producer EXTRAORDINAIRE, Missy Elliott.  Let’s take it back a bit with ‘One-Minute Man’ featuring Ludacris and Trina!





WAKE UP JAM: #MissyElliott ‘ Sock It 2 Me’ feat. #DaBrat [vid]





Still celebrating the GENIUS that is MISSY ELLIOTT!!  Remember when Missy embodied the video game ‘MEGA MAN’ with Da Brat and Lil’ Kim?  Yes back then FEMALE RAPPERS supported each other…   ‘Sock It 2 me’…. Continue reading WAKE UP JAM: #MissyElliott ‘ Sock It 2 Me’ feat. #DaBrat [vid]

#MissyElliott CONGRATULATES #JanetJackson on her #Icon_Janet status!

Missy and Janet are REAL friends.  This is EVIDENT… evident so TRUE that we can use just FIRST NAMES and you KNOW exactly who and WHAT I am talking about….


WAKE UP JAM: #MissyElliott ‘Hit Em Wit Da Hee’ feat. #Mocha [vid]





Missy Elliott is DOPE! POINT-BLANK PERIOD!  While these other femcees were BEEFING, rapping about their BREASTS, ASS and THIGHS, Missy was blazing paths and REWRITING this WHOLE RAP game.  Her CREATIVITY and STYLE is UN-MATCHED-PERIOD!  So we going back with MISSY HITS all week LONG!

So with that being said, let’s ‘Hit Em Wit Da Hee’ shall wee?? Continue reading WAKE UP JAM: #MissyElliott ‘Hit Em Wit Da Hee’ feat. #Mocha [vid]