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WAKE UP JAM: #MichaelJackson ‘Thriller’ [vid]


So if course–the TOP HAlloween song of all time goes to THE KING OF POP, Michael Jackson!! “Thriller,” which hit No. 4 on the Hot 100 in 1984, is the most-downloaded Halloween-themed hit of all-time, with digital sales to-date of 3.4 million, according to Nielsen SoundScan. (It’s also Jackson’s best-selling download, ahead of runner-up “Billie Jean,” which has sold 2.7 million). Continue reading WAKE UP JAM: #MichaelJackson ‘Thriller’ [vid]


Michael!? This KID sounds just like #MichaelJackson! [vid]


I don’t know who he is, but his kid sounds just like Michael Jackson!? Don’t believe me? Take a LOOK! Continue reading Michael!? This KID sounds just like #MichaelJackson! [vid]

Happy 60th Birthday in HEAVEN #MichaelJackson! [vids]


Today would have been the King of Pop’s 60th BIRTHDAY!!  Today we celebrate the LIFE and LEGACY of the INCOMPARABLE Michael Jackson!!!


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#JanetJackson pays HOMAGE to #RememberTheTime on MJ’s 60th BDAY withs @BLAMEITONKWAY @KingBach [vid]


Today would’ve been Michael Jackson’s 60th BIRTHDAY! TO pay homage to her big brother and the KING OF POP, Janet Jackson REVISITS the iconic video for ‘Remember The Time’ with some COMEDIC help from @BLAMEITONKWAY @KingBach and @diamond_batiste!

TAKE A LOOK! Continue reading #JanetJackson pays HOMAGE to #RememberTheTime on MJ’s 60th BDAY withs @BLAMEITONKWAY @KingBach [vid]

ON THIS DAY in 1979 #MichaelJackson released ‘Off The Wall’! [details]


ON THIS DAY, August 10, 1979, Michael Jackson released the CRITICALLY-ACCLAIMED ‘Off The Wall’ album!

Off the Wall is the fifth studio album by American singer Michael Jackson, released on August 10, 1979 in the United States by Epic Records and internationally by CBS Records. It was his nineteenth album in total since Diana Ross Presents The Jackson 5 (1969), as well as his first album released through Epic Records, the label he would record on until his death roughly 30 years later. It was released following Jackson’s critically well-received film performance in The Wiz. While working on that project, Jackson and Quincy Jones had become friends, and Jones agreed to work with Jackson on his next studio album.
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WAKE UP JAM: #TheJacksons ‘Show You The Way To Go’ [vid]



Some times you just need DIRECTION.  LAST NIGHT at the gym, this song came on through my random playlist setting..so here we go.  It’s The Jacksons with ‘Show You The Way To Go’!  ICONIC!
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#TBT Throwback Thursday #JamesBrown #MichaelJackson & #Prince perform TOGETHER! [vid]

It’s THROWBACK Tuesday!!!

LET’s GO BACK!!  WAY BACK, Back when MUSIC was BOMB and the ‘BEEFS’ were few and FAR between!!

maxresdefault (38)

There was a MAGICAL night where 3 KINGS performed together on the SAME STAGE!  James Brown was PERFORMING and he called upon Michael Jackson and Prince to come from the AUDIENCE to perform with him!  This is LEGENDARY STATUS here!

hqdefault (9)

TBT-Throwback Thursday is in EFFECT!

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#Drake’s ‘In My Feelings’ replaces Drake’s ‘Nice For What’ atop #Billboard! [details]

Drake is RULING the CHARTS! Say what you want, but he CONTINUES to use and ABUSE all contenders on the Billboard Hot 100. This week we see Drake outdoing Drake. That’s right, Drake who’s ‘Scorpion’ project TOPS Billboard 200 Album’s chart, has dethroned himself. “In My Feelings” tops Billboard 100 replacing his other single ‘Nice For What’! This JUMP is due in part to the #InMyFeelingsChallenge that Will Smith, Sterling K. Brown and Ciara have helped make go VIRAL!
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Remembering #MichaelJackson–9 years later! [vids]



I remember just where I was when the news began to SPREAD!  It was 9 years ago today that I was RUSHING HOME from work to get to a TV hoping it was a HOAX– it wasn’t.  Nine years ago today the MUSIC almost STOPPED around the WORLD….The King of Pop was no longer here on this EARTH!  It was SHOCKING it was DEVASTATING, and UNBELIEVABLE!  It shook us to our CORE.  AND 9 years later, we still are MISSING Michael Jackson!  TODAY we REMEMBER the LEGACY and the LIFE of Michael! Continue reading Remembering #MichaelJackson–9 years later! [vids]

ON THIS DAY… in 1995 #MichaelJackson releases ‘Scream’ with sis #JanetJackson! [vid]


ON THIS DAY… May 31, 1995 Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson release the EPIC and GROUNDBREAKING, ‘Scream’! Continue reading ON THIS DAY… in 1995 #MichaelJackson releases ‘Scream’ with sis #JanetJackson! [vid]

Sunday Energy Shot: #MichaelJackson ‘Jam’-Dangerous Tour 1992 Bucharest! [vid]


maxresdefault (6)

Beyonce is THAT entertainer that ELECTRIFIES and outshines herself EVERYTIME.  Where did we see this type of talent before—-the KING OF POP—MICHAEL JACKSON!  MJ is UNTOUCHED— What can you say.  There isn’t and will NEVER be another.  Remember back in 1992 before a SOLD OUT CROWD of 90k SCREAMING fans, ‘The Dangerous World Tour’ in Romania was one of the BEST CONCERT ENTRANCES of all TIME!!

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ON THIS DAY.. #MichaelJackson released ‘Beat It’ in 1983! [vid]

giphy (33)

On this DAY, February 14, 1983, The King of Pop, Michael Jackson released the GROUNDBREAKING, ‘Beat It’ song!

The song was produced by Quincy Jones together with Jackson. Following the successful chart performances of the Thriller singles “The Girl Is Mine” and “Billie Jean”, “Beat It” was released on February 14, 1983 as the album’s third single. The song is also notable for its famous video, which featured Jackson bringing two gangs together through the power of music and dance, and for Eddie Van Halen’s guitar solo.
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