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#TreySongz & #MeekMill are back COOL again! [Details]

It appears that Meek Mill & Trey Songz have patched up their disagreement.

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#MeekMill & #TreySongz are BEEFING on social media…..about CHARITY! [DETAILS]

So Trey Songz & Meek Mill are BEEFING.. and it has NOTHING to do with music.

Trey like so many others are stepping up to help the less fortunate.

Trey challenged a group of fellow artists to donate money to a particular charity. But the whole exchanged seemed to turn into a pissing contest of who has done the most charity work and it all spilled out onto SOCIAL MEDIA!

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NEW VIDEO: #MeekMill ‘Believe’ feat. #JustinTimberlake [Vid]

Meek Mill teams with JT to deliver an anthemic new single, ‘Believe’….

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Why #Meekmill & #NickiMinaj Twitter war is problematic! [Details]

If you hadn’t been following, exes Nicki Minaj & Meek Mill have been taking shots at each other on social media since yesterday.

This is very problematic…and I will tell you why.. But let’s revisit some of the tweets the two have been hurling back and forth…

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WAKE UP JAM: #MeekMill ‘All Eyes On Me’ feat. #NickiMinaj & #ChrisBrown [Vid]


Nicki & Meek have history! There must be still some love there …or hate. The two were going at it on social media…. But remember when times were good….

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#Meekmill & #NickiMinaj’s hubby get into it in West Hollywood! [Vid]

Never can say goodbye, I guess…

Seems like Meek Mill can’t get over Nicki Minaj. The two of them were both in the same store in West Hollywood when Meek & Nicki’s hubby got into a screaming match!

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WATCH: #FreeMeek Documentary [full series]

‘Free Meek’ chronicles Meek Mill’s transformation from chart-topping rapper to galvanizing face of criminal justice reform. As Meek, his family and his legal team fight for his freedom, cameras capture the birth of the #FREEMEEK movement and re-investigate a case filled with allegations of dirty cops and systemic corruption in a broken judicial system. WATCH ‘Free Meek’ documentary after the JUMP!
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NEW VIDEO: #MeekMill + #Drake ‘Going Bad’ with #NipseyHustle [vid]

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THe CAMEO-FILLED visual for Meek Mill and Drake’s ‘Going Bad’ is HERE!!  Check it out!! Continue reading NEW VIDEO: #MeekMill + #Drake ‘Going Bad’ with #NipseyHustle [vid]

NEW MUSIC: #NickiMinaj REMIXES #Drake & #MeekMill’s ‘Going Bad’ [audio]

nicki-minaj-GOING BAD-thegamutt

Nicki Minaj came back SLAPPING for sure on Queen Radio’s TRIUMPHANT RETURN!  Not only is she gushing about her new LOVE, she dropped the NEWS that her NEXT album is COMPLETE and she even REMIXED  Drake & Meek Mill’s ‘Going Bad’!  You HAVE TO HEAR this!! Continue reading NEW MUSIC: #NickiMinaj REMIXES #Drake & #MeekMill’s ‘Going Bad’

#NickiMinaj and #MeekMill ‘threaten’ to reveal SECRETS about the OTHER! [details]


When it’s over why can’t it just be OVER! It’s BEEN 2 years since Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill split, but it seems the two still have something going on between them.

While Nicki was onstage in Australia performing her hit song ‘Barbie Dreams’, she got to the LINE about Meek Mill. She had the DJ stop the music so she go into DETAILS about him. She repeated the line before adding some new lyrics: “I could tell you ni**as secrets but I won’t / ‘Cause being a bitter bitch is what I don’t.” Continue reading #NickiMinaj and #MeekMill ‘threaten’ to reveal SECRETS about the OTHER! [details]

#MeekMill’s ‘CHAMPIONSHIPS’ debuts at #1! [details]


Meek Mill’s latest album aptly titled ‘Championships’ is another VICTORY for the PHILLY RAPPER. His new project debuted at #1 on Billboard Hot 200 with 229,000 equivalent album units, of which 42,000 were traditional album sales.
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#JAYZ CLARIFIES Kanye ‘diss’ verse on #MeekMill’s ‘What’s Free’! Yeezy REPLIES! [details]

Another day another ‘beef’ or non-beef?  Today’s SOCIETY loves drama and love PITTING artists against each other.  Case in point.  Meek Mill just dropped some new HEAT in the form of ‘What’s Beef’ which features Rick Ross and JAY-Z.  On JAY-Z’s verse he says:
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