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Saturday Slingback #Ludacris ‘Saturday (Ooh Ooh) [vid]

It’s LABOR DAY weekend and every year Ludacris rounds up his celebrity friends for LUDADAY WEEKEND! So to celebrate…let’s take it back….

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WAKE UP JAM: #SwizzBeatz ‘Everyday Birthday’ feat #ChrisBrown & #Ludacris [vid]



Let’s WORK!! 1st off let THANK everybody for all the BIRTHDAY LOVE last week!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! But it’s not OVER! Swizz Beatz the MONSTER gave me an ANTHEM to live by–ALL NOVEMBER LONG– ‘Everyday Birthday’!!!!
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WAKE UP JAM: #Ludacris ‘Roll Out (My Business) [vid]


download (5)WAKE IT UP!

Some are just WAKING UP to the Tekashi69 SWIPE at Ludacris.  After Luda ALLUDED to the longevity of 69’s ‘career’ on ‘Wild N Out’, the rapper felt need to SWIPE at Luda, calling him IRRELEVANT!  HOW??? Ludacris is a HEAVY HITTER, Grammy award winning rapper and ACTOR….But in case you forgot, let’s get into one of Luda’s ICONIC videos… ‘ROLL OUT’!! Continue reading WAKE UP JAM: #Ludacris ‘Roll Out (My Business) [vid]

#Tekashi69 CLAPS back at #Ludacris JAB! [vid]

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#Tekashi69 has been KNOWN for his TWITTER BEEFS with Chief Keef and OTHERS…now it appears that he has set his sights on one of the GREATS in the GAME… Ludacris. On an upcoming appearance on ‘Wild N Out’, Ludacris made a REAL subtle SNUB to 69—nothing really to write home about, but here it goes…
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WATCH: Celebrity #FearFactor season 3 eps 1-4 [full ep]


CELEBS compete to overcome their fears- HOSTED by Ludacris!

Episode 1 Hip hop stars Tyga and Lil’ Yachty compete to overcome their fears. Joined by Kodie Shane and Chanel West Coast… Continue reading WATCH: Celebrity #FearFactor season 3 eps 1-4 [full ep]

WAKE UP JAM: #MissyElliott ‘One-Minute Man’ feat. #Ludacris & #Trina [vid]




We are still CHAMPIONING the HIP HOP INNOVATOR, rapper, singer, producer EXTRAORDINAIRE, Missy Elliott.  Let’s take it back a bit with ‘One-Minute Man’ featuring Ludacris and Trina!