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#Chris Paul says #RajonRondo SPIT on him before #Lakers BRAWL! [vid]



Chris Paul told our broadcast crew this all started because Rajon Rondo spit in his face. When the second replay cycles through you can see Chris wiping his face before he goes at Rondo.

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#Lakers & #Rockets come to BLOWS in game BRAWL! [vid]

Rondo and CP3 threw hands in Lakers-Rockets brawl!
LeBron’s first home game. Fists were thrown. Players were ejected. WATCH the VIDEO!

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#Nuggets ROUT #Lakers in #LebronJames DEBUT! [vid]


LeBron James dazzled the crowd in his exhibition debut for the Los Angeles Lakers on Sunday but he couldn’t get them a victory as they dropped a 124-107 decision to the Denver Nuggets.

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Guess what #Cavs fans are doing to #LebronJames jersey in Cleveland! [vid]


We are STILL talking about LeBron James’ decision to LEAVE Cleveland for a second time for GREENER pastures in L.A.  Cleveland fans are REELING, but you would never guess that the fans are doing to his JERSEY this time around!!!! Continue reading Guess what #Cavs fans are doing to #LebronJames jersey in Cleveland! [vid]

#NBA NEWS: #LebronJames headed to the #Lakers! [details]


It’s DONE.. Lebron James is headed out WEST! According to a press release from Klutch Sports Group, James has agreed to a four-year, $154 million contract with the Lakers.

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