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Saturday Slingback: #FoxyBrown ‘Stylin’ feat. #Birdman #Nore #YoungGavin & #Loon [audio]



Y’all KNOW, no one can SPIT like FOXY BROWN! Hands down one of the THE BEST to ever do it! Now back in 2002 Foxy was SLATED to release ‘Ill Na Na Part 2 The Fever’ but Def Jam SHELVED the whole project. It did manage to LEAK and IT’S FIRE—it would have FURTHER cemented her place in the ANNALS of HIP HOP ROYALTY, but the POWERS THAT BE saw differently. HOWEVER, the 1st single from the project did get RELEASED unofficially and of course REMIXES sprung from that. Check out the ‘Stylin’ remix that featured Birdman, Nore, Young Gavin and Loon!
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WAKE UP JAM: #FaithEvans ‘You Gets No Love’ feat. #PDiddy & #Loon [vid]



It’s the DAY AFTER. Was it all you wanted? Probably not. Some are waking up realizing that they are the ONE on the SIDE. The 2nd string-B-Teamers, this is for you. Faith Evan said it best, ‘You Gets No Love’ featuring Loon and P.Diddy. I think this is just right for the occasion. Continue reading WAKE UP JAM: #FaithEvans ‘You Gets No Love’ feat. #PDiddy & #Loon [vid]