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#AmandaSeales SLAMS reports of tension between her @TheRealDaytime cohosts![vid]

Since Amanda Seales REVEALED that she decided to QUIT ‘The Real’ after 6 months many RUMORS have swirled about her sudden EXIT!

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#AmandaSeales NOT returning to @TheRealDaytime! [Vid]

As if we didn’t see this coming! Amanda Seales WILL NOT be returning to ‘The Real’ daytime talkfest.

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#TheReal addresses #Tamarbraxton after her ‘shady’ comments on #WendyWilliamsShow! [Vid]

It’s been 3 years and this topic still seems to be a bone of contention between Tamar Braxton and her former co hosts on the Emmy-winning talk show ‘The Real’!

We all know Tamar was fired from the show…and the drama that accompanied that. At one point she accused the other ladies of conspiring to get her axed and it seemed the most heat was targeted at the show’s apparent moderator Loni Love.

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#LoniLove wants #TamarBraxton back on @TheRealDaytime…kinda. [Details]

Picture this…it was 2016 and one of the biggest new daytime talk fests was prepping for a new season. But low and behold the press pics was missing one of its biggest and most outspoken cast members! That happened with ‘The Real’ when Tamar Braxton was unceremoniously AXED from the hit talk show.

At the time we had little knowledge of the backstage day to day drama that lead to her not being asked back, but then Braxton blamed her co hosts for ‘setting her up’ for the fall. Although her ex-co hosts denied any part in the situation, most of Tamar’s anger seemed to be focused on Loni Love who then seemed to take on the role as the anchor and mediator for the panel.

Well fast forward to 2019 the Emmy award winning ‘show that could’ is gearing up for season 6 and Love would love to have Tamar Braxton RETURN to ‘The Real’…sorta….

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#DaytimeEmmys: @TheRealDaytime WINS ‘Outstanding Talk Show Host’! [vid]


TheReal2-TheGamuttCongrats are in order for Loni Love, Adrienne Houghton, Jeannie Mai and Tamera Mowry-Housely!  COLLECTIVELY this FAB FOUR just nabbed a DAYTIME EMMY for ‘Outstanding Talk Show Host’! Continue reading #DaytimeEmmys: @TheRealDaytime WINS ‘Outstanding Talk Show Host’! [vid]