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The #BobbyDeBarge biopic coming to TVone! [vid]

Bobby DeBarge, the eldest DeBarge singer is getting a BIOPIC!  Some may not not know the tumultuous life the singer lived and his BATTLE with ADDICTION, but thanks to TV One and Swirl Films, we now will get to see his story play out on screen! Continue reading The #BobbyDeBarge biopic coming to TVone! [vid]

WAKE UP JAM: #Lloyd ‘Get It Shawty’ [vid]


Wake IT UP!!

Like I said, sometimes these songs just POP into my head and I run with it.  I guess it’s just TUNES that remind me of a GOOD TIME I had at some point in life and the memory just comes back to mind.  But this used to be my jam right here… Lloyd’s ‘Get It Shawty’!
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#Lloyd reveals TRACKLIST for ‘Tru’ album! [details]


Lloyd dropped the 4-song EP,’TRU’ back in 2016, now he is ready to give us a FULL ALBUM. ‘TRU’ is an 11-piece set with new appearances from Sevyn Streeter and Curren$y to name a few. The ALBUM is due out August 31 and Lloyd reveals that it is his most honest and personal work to date! PEEP the TRACKLIST below!
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WAKE UP JAM: #Wale ‘Sabotage’ feat. #Lloyd [vid]



This is one of my FAVORITE Wale songs–‘Sabotage’.  And Lloyd on the hook is just AMAZING.  Sometimes we blow up our own situations out of fear of being happy–SABOTAGE…. We’ve all done it.
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