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#NationalSmileDay: #LilDuval ‘Smile Bitch’ feat. #SnoopDogg & #BallGreezy [vid]



IT IS #NationalSmileDay!  SO get your SMILE on..if you have teeth your are living your BEST LIFE… so SHOW EM!!

So of course we had to REVISIT #LilDuval’s BANGER ‘Smile Bitch’ with Snoop and Ball Greezy!
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The BET Hip Hop Awards is going down TONIGHT!!  Check out the PRESHOW RIGHT HERE STREAMING NOW!!


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NEW VIDEO: #LilDuval ‘Smile B*tch’ feat. #SnoopDogg & #BallGreezy [vid]

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Comedian and actor, Lil’ Duval can now add Billboard Top 10 ARTIST to his EXPANSIVE resume as his LATEST hit, ‘Smile Bitch’ featuring Snoop Dogg and Ball Greezy is STEADILY rising up the charts!!! Check it OUT!
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#NeYo & #LilDuval are ‘BEEFING’ and it’s SUPER FUNNY! [vids]

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When you try to do a GOOD THING on SOCIAL MEDIA, it always seems to BACKFIRE…depending on who you are.  If Drake, Oprah, Beyonce, Tyra Banks, Colin Kaepernick even sneeze….it’s PRAISE AROUND THE WORLD!  I mean, I would fall down to the FLOOR in admiration if Oprah sneezed on me TOO..THAT’s GREATNESS GERMS FLOWING..

BUT WHEN others like say, BowWow, Lil MaMa, Draya Michelle or I guess now Ne-Yo try to do a GOOD THING, they always seem to get DRAGGED back to the REALM of us COMMON-FOLK.  CASE IT POINT… Ne-Yo is on another ‘MOVEMENT’ of sorts.  He posted the some FEEL-GOOD, let’s be GROWN MEN and start LOVING our women kinda post.  HARMLESS, RIGHT? Continue reading #NeYo & #LilDuval are ‘BEEFING’ and it’s SUPER FUNNY! [vids]