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BIG CHOP! #Atlanta’s #LaKeithStanfield debuts NEW DO! [VID]

Quarantine Blues…

The barber shops & salons are closed..nail shops are closed! So no grooming… So ‘Atlanta’ star LaKeith Stanfield has gone to ‘drastic measures’….. He unveils a new hair do! Shaves it all off!

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#AtlantaFX stars #DonaldGlover #LakeithStanfield & #BrianTyreeHenry dance to #TLC’s ‘Creep in deleted scene! [vid]


As if this show was not DOPE enough, the deleted scenes are even more so. If you recall the latest episode of ‘Atlanta’ found Paperboi and crew performing at a college ‘PAJAMA JAM’ clad in SILKY PJ’s. The whole scene harkened back to the iconic movie ‘Houseparty’, but when I saw Al, Earn and Darius’ gear, my mind IMMEDIATELY went to TLC’s stylish and ICONIC ‘Creep’ video.

Well in a DELETED scene that executive producer and director, Hiro Murai decided to GIFT to the fans, we see the TRIO bustin’ a move to the UBER-POPULAR song by TLC! Continue reading #AtlantaFX stars #DonaldGlover #LakeithStanfield & #BrianTyreeHenry dance to #TLC’s ‘Creep in deleted scene! [vid]