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VIBES from the VAULT: #Khia ‘My Neck,My Back’ [LIVE]

NEW YORK – JULY 10: Recording artist Khia attends her ”Gangstress” Album Release Party at Bed on July 10, 2006 in New York City. (Photo by Ray Tamarra/Getty Images)

So Khia has taken to album reviews now in her musty, wood-paneled basement.

Khia had ALOT to say about Beyonce’s latest project….of course all negative… But hey, let’s dig in the VAULT to see if Khia has room to critique anybody’s work..has she put in any?

#Khia does NOT care the high-end stores are being LOOTED! Drags #DojaCat & #Shekinah! [Vid]

I’ve met Khia..very creative, outspoken person! Keeps it real…no chaser. Hate her or love her, Khia KNOWS how to gather a ‘motherfucker’ real quick! The ‘K-wang’ Rapper could care less that the Gucci stores and other high end boutiques are being LOOTED and DRAGS Shekinah Jo of ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ and Doja Cat. Her ‘Gag Order’ show on YouTube is HERE for ALL the smoke!

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#Khia continues her attack on Trina! [Vid]

Rapper Khia seems to continue her attack on Trina.

If you recall… Trina shot down all hopes of a Trina vs Khia VERZUZ because she alluded to the fact that Khia wasn’t on her level. [Revisit that HERE]

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#Trina SHUTS down #Khia rap battle talk! [Vid]

The Timbaland/Swizz Beatz-curated ‘Verzuz’ battles have jump-started a lot of online debate about who should battle whom next!

With Swizz wanting female rappers to step up to the plate and with the upcoming Erykah vs Jill VERZUZ, the social media chatter is at FEVER PITCH.

When a fan called in to Khia’s YouTube show and asked her thoughts on who she would battle if asked, she brought up the ‘Diamond Princess’,Trina’s name! Khia claims she can go hit for hit with “The Baddest Bitch”.

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WATCH: #Khia’s #GagOrder ep 3-26-18 talks #BlackPanther roasts #AmberRose & MORE [full ep]


Khia is still here with the latest episode of  ‘GAG ORDER’!  Khia ADDRESSES the HATERS, talks ‘Black Panther’, Nia Long, ROASTS Amber Rose and 21  Savage and MORE! Watch the LATEST episode BELOW!
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WATCH: #Khia’s #GagOrder ep 3-19-18 [full ep]


Khia is still here with the latest episode of  ‘GAG ORDER’!
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#TSMadison responds to #Khia’s #GagOrder claims! Says she is NOT a THIEF! [vid]


The DUELING COURT wars continue.  Khia has started her new show, ‘Gag Order’ and continues to RUN DOWN hwo her partnership with social media sensation, TS Madison went awry.  There were some CLAIMS of ‘THIEVERY’ at the hands of Madison, so she was QUICK to pull out ‘RECEIPTS’ for all claims and allegations and to let it be known just what the state of ‘The Queen’s Court’ is!  Check out her RESPONSE to Khia!
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Dueling ‘COURTS’? #Khia RETURNS with a new show, #GagOrder-ROASTS #FunkyDineva, #TSMadison & more! [vid]


OK the COURT is now BACK from RECESS..it seems, but WHICH courtroom are you sitting in?  Khia is BACK, solo this time and introduces another ‘Queen’s Court’ show, ‘Gag Order’.  Khia discusses her ‘Queen’s Court LIVE’ tour, namely the SHOW from this past weekend in D.C. with Madison.  It appeared that is was ALL LOVE then, but today, seems like they are BACK on opposite sides.  There are DUELING courts–Khia’s show AIRS at 8 pm, while TS Madison’s version of ‘Queen’s Court’ airs at 10. At least they RESPECTFULLY aren’t going LIVE simultaneously.

At any rate, Khia discusses a NUMBER of things–the reason why she was LATE to the D.C. set.  She also ROASTS Funky Dineva AGAIN, and also has a FEW choice words for TS Madison as well–accuses her of STEALING!  Take a LOOK at Khia’s LATEST version of ‘Queen’s Court’ after the JUMP! Continue reading Dueling ‘COURTS’? #Khia RETURNS with a new show, #GagOrder-ROASTS #FunkyDineva, #TSMadison & more! [vid]

#TheQueensCourt DRAMA! #Khia NOT returning to the show! AIRS OUT #TSMadison & #FunkyDineva! TS RESPONDS! [vid]

khia-leaves QueensCourt-thegamutt
In case you MISSED it, there are DUELING videos out from the HOSTS of the POPULAR online show, ‘The Queen’s Court’. Khia released her video giving HER SIDE of the MELTDOWN that occurred when she and TS Madison TRIED to interview Mo’Nique. In the video, Khia CONFIRMS she would NOT be returning to the show in its PRESENT form after she STORMED OUT mid-show the last time. She also had some CHOICE little jabs towards her FORMER co-host TS Madison and even more jabs for her rumored replacement–Funky Dineva! She insinuates that Dineva is on DRUGS among a number of other unsavory things. The drama CONTINUES as TS Madison releases a video explaining HER side of the DRAMA.


Khia GOES IN HARD on Mo’Nique, the ‘production crew’ that MESSED up the Mo’Nique interview, and Funky Dineva! Take a LOOK! In a nutshell, Khia says the show should have STAYED the way it was..all the CHANGES and all the ‘HANDS IN THE POT’ was just too MUCH!” Khia says ‘The Queen’s Court’ WILL go on, because SHE IS ‘THE QUEEN’S COURT’!  I told you guys there was MORE to the STORY then some BAD AUDIO and LIGHTING…Khia LAYS IT ALL OUT—RAW! Continue reading #TheQueensCourt DRAMA! #Khia NOT returning to the show! AIRS OUT #TSMadison & #FunkyDineva! TS RESPONDS! [vid]

Rumor Has It.. #TheQueensCourt returns in March..minus one ‘QUEEN’? [details]


Fans of the POPULAR Facebook LIVE show, ‘The Queen’s Court’ were DISAPPOINTED this past Monday, when the LIVE feed was…DEAD.  That’s right, after the on-camera MELTDOWN [in case you MISSED it REVISIT it HERE] from last week, the ‘QUEENS’ were not in their COURT as usual.  BUT RUMOR HAS IT, the show is RETURNING with an ALL NEW SWAG in March…but they maybe SHORT one ‘QUEEN’?

This is what’s CIRCULATING around FACEBOOK from the TS Madison: Continue reading Rumor Has It.. #TheQueensCourt returns in March..minus one ‘QUEEN’? [details]

#TheQueensCourt MELTDOWN! #Khia makes #TSMadison CRY, #MoNique pleads! [vid]


Well it’s MONDAY…well it was when all HELL broke loose on the UBER-popular ‘The Queen’s Court’ LIVE Facebook viewing.  For those that DON’T know, ‘The Queen’s Court’ is a PODCAST of sorts featuring OPINIONATED rapper Khia and social media sensation, TS Madison.  The ladies discuss TRENDING TOPICS of the moment with their own JUICY spin and P.O.V.’s  Now I don’t follow the show, but my people let me know that they have QUITE a following on MONDAY NIGHTS.

Well this past Monday was supposed to be this BIG sitdown with Mo’Nique.  We all know what Mo’Nique has been dealing with after exposing Netflix.  Khia and TS Madison have been VOCAL about their stance and Monday was supposed to be THE night to HASH things out.

Well, word from the CURB is that the SHOW was PLAGUED with technical difficulties, audio and lighting issues and the WHOLE NINE.  At one point Khia WALKS OFF leaving her partner in CRIME in TEARS!  Mo’Nique is on the LINE pleading for Khia to come back and talk things out.  Check out the DRAMA in the clips below!
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