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#KevinHart BREAKS HIS SILENCE since near fatal CAR CRASH! [details]


It’s been a little over than a MONTH since Kevin Hart’s NEAR FATAL car crash that left he and 2 passengers with serious injuries.  For the FIRST TIME since the September 1st accident, the comedian/actor BREAKS his SILENCE on the crash and what’s next for him!

Speaking EXCLUSIVELY to Entertainment Weekly, Hart had this to say: Continue reading #KevinHart BREAKS HIS SILENCE since near fatal CAR CRASH! [details]

BOTH passengers injured in #KevinHart’s accident GET LAWYERS! [details]


Kevin Hart is STILL recovering from his accident, but it appears their maybe a PAIR of LAWSUITS on the horizon waiting for him to ADDRESS!

According to sources, it appears that the driver who is also Hart’s trainer and his wife are gearing up to sue the actor and comedian for not properly outfitting the 1970 Plymouth Barracuda with safety features.
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#KevinHart UP & WALKING after HORRIFIC accident! [details]


It appears that comedian and actor Kevin Hart is ON THE MEND!!  Reports say that he is ‘up & walking’ and doing much better POST accident! Continue reading #KevinHart UP & WALKING after HORRIFIC accident! [details]

#KevinHart SLAMMED for ‘downplaying’ #LilNasX’s coming out experience on #TheShop! [Vid]

It has not been a good week for comedian/actor Kevin Hart. After being his car accident earlier this week, he is now getting slammed for comments to Lil’ Nas X about his coming out experience on HBO’S ‘The Shop’!

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UPDATE: #KevinHart undergoes back surgery! Wife #EnikoHart gives update! [Details]

Comedian Kevin Hart is recovering well after a recent motor vehicle accident that left him and 2 passengers in his car seriously injured. Hart’s wife shares medical update as the ‘Jumanji’ star recovers.

Continue reading UPDATE: #KevinHart undergoes back surgery! Wife #EnikoHart gives update! [Details]

#KevinHart rushed to hospital after CAR CRASH! Suffers major back injuries! [Details]

Prayers up for comedian and actor Kevin Hart!

Comedian Kevin Hart was seriously injured in a car accident early Sunday morning, the California Highway Patrol has confirmed.

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#KevinHart falls & busts his ass at a wedding! Blames the shoes! [VID]

By now we have all watch Kevin Hart trying to bust a move at a friend’s wedding when he falls & busts his ASS!

Let’s see it again…

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#GRAMMYS: Go Inside #RocNation’s Pre Grammy Brunch! [vid]


Nothing but EXCELLENCE, but mainly BLACK EXCELLENCE on hand at JAY-Z’s ANNUAL RocNation Pre-Grammy Brunch!

The coveted Grammy Week soiree not only boasted power couple Beyonce and Roc Nation founder JAY-Z (who wore a bespoke two-piece FRÈRE suit). It also drew others at the top of their respective business and creative pursuits including Sean “Diddy” Combs, Nipsey Hussle, Meek Mill, Janelle Monae, Miguel, Big Sean, Usher, Normani, Epic Records president Sylvia Rhone, Roc Nation CEO Jay Brown, Atlantic’s president of black music Michael Kyser, iHeart Media executive vp of urban/hip-hop programming strategy Doc Wynter and actor/comedian Kevin Hart.


Late-morning rain threatened to dampen the party atmosphere as guests huddled under a white tent in a UCLA parking lot while awaiting shuttles to an undisclosed location. As black vans wound their way up the hills far above Sunset Boulevard, dark clouds gave way to bright sunshine as guests disembarked in front of a private residence whose long entryway was bordered on either side by white draped curtains. Above were hung small blue and yellow umbrellas while columns on either side of the doorway were covered in yellow roses. Continue reading #GRAMMYS: Go Inside #RocNation’s Pre Grammy Brunch! [vid]

#NickCannon PULLS UP past HOMOPHOBIC tweets from #SarahSilverman #ChelseaHandler & #AmySchumer! [details]


After all the DRAMA surrounding Kevin Hart’s PAST tweets that lead him to STEP DOWN from his Oscar gig, his FRIEND and FELLOW comedian Nick Cannon decided to do some DIGGING and found some INTERESTING past tweets from Amy Schumer Chelsea Handler and Sarah Silverman!

Cannon is pointing out that Chelsea Handler, Amy Schumer, and Sarah Silverman have used some of the same exact words, no apologies. LET’S REVISIT, shall we?
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#KevinHart ‘STEPS DOWN’ from #Oscars gig! [vid]



Grand OPENING—GRAND CLOSING!  Just as QUICK as we CELEBRATED Kevin Hart being NAMED the HOST of the 2019 ACADEMY AWARDS, he has ‘STEPPED DOWN’ amidst backlash from the CONTROVERSY of HOMOPHOBIC TWEETS that surfaced from his past!

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GREATNESS! #KevinHart to HOST the #Oscars! [details]


Comedian/actor extraordinaire, Kevin Hart has just snagged his BIGGEST GIG to date!  Hart just announced that he was SELECTED to HOST the Academy Awards!!! Continue reading GREATNESS! #KevinHart to HOST the #Oscars! [details]

#KevinHart SLAMS #KattWilliams on #TheBreakfastClub! [vid]


These COMEDIANS are getting GANGSTER lately, right? If it’s not Katt Williams and Wanda Smith going at it in Atlanta, it’s somebody else. Speaking of Katt Williams, Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish were doing PROMO for their UPCOMING movie, ‘Night School’. The PAIR stopped by the ‘Breakfast Club’, and Kevin Hart had some SAGE and POIGNANT words for Katt. Remember in the INFAMOUS V-103 Atlanta interview, Katt said basically that Kevin Hart was overrated, UGLY and not as funny as him. he also had some WORDS about Tiffany Haddish as well. Kevin LASHED OUT and said that Katt was THAT GUY, but HE threw his career on the wayside:

Check out the WHOLE interview BELOW!!
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