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#KanyeWest DROPS F-Bomb, talks about SUPERMAN in WACKY 10-minute RANT at the White House! [details]


Kanye West. Donald Trump–together. This was a SPECTACLE of epic proportions. Let’s break down just what Kanye was RANTING about…

Trump typically isn’t one to be upstaged — but that wasn’t the case Thursday when rapper Kanye West launched into a monologue across from him in the Oval Office, leaving even Mr. Trump nearly speechless.
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Rumor Has It… #KanyeWest #ChildishGambino & #JustinTimberlake will HEADLINE #Coachella 2019! [details]


Although it is some time away, RUMOR HAS IT that Kanye, Justin Timberlake and Childish Gambino will LIKELY HEADLINE Coachella 2019!
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#SNL44- #KanyeWest performs ‘I Love It’ [vid]

Musical guest Kanye West performs “I Love It” with Lil Pump and Adele Givens on Saturday Night Live.
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#SNL44- #KanyeWest goes on ODD Pro-Trump RANT![vid]



After his ODD and LACKLUSTER performances on the SNL stage, Kanye does this.

In lieu of the traditional cast farewell over the closing credits, West grabbed his MAGA hat and the mic once more for a third song: “Ghost Town.” After he finished his final song–he goes LEFT…all the way…

Ye starts rambling about the Democrats, Get Out’s “The Sunken Place,” and Donald Trump.
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STAR TRACKS: #KanyeWest does PRESS with #MAGA hat on and #Kaepernick sweatshirt!? [pic]


Confused MUCH? WE ARE.. Kanye West is doing PRESS for his NEW album with a MAGA hat on and a Colin Kaepernick sweat shirt!?

YES… at this point I think he is doing these things for ATTENTION…I mean he is about to DROP a new ALBUM this week….


#KanyeWest MISTAKENLY thinks #Beyonce was wearing #Yeezys! [details]


Kanye West is in the NEWS..per usual.  After ‘WARNING’ Drake, Nick Cannon and Tyson Beckford about talking about his wife, Kim Kardashian, he posts a PHOTO of Beyonce and JAY-Z with the caption, ‘FAMLEEEEE’! Continue reading #KanyeWest MISTAKENLY thinks #Beyonce was wearing #Yeezys! [details]

#NickCannon RESPONDS to #Kanye’s ‘WARNING’! [vid]

 maxresdefault (51)


So…. Kanye posted a video WARNING Nick Cannon and Tyson Beckford to stop SPEAKING of SLEEPING with his WIFE.  It didn’t take long before Nick CLAPPED BACK!  Here is what he said:
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#KanyeWest got some HARD words for #NickCannon & Drake! [vid]

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Kanye West is ‘FEELING SOME KINDA WAY’ about the RUMORS about his WIFE, Kim. Apparently, West wants to get somethings off his CHEST about the RUMORS that Nick Cannon is ALLEGEDLY spreading about him sleeping with Kim and also he has some words for Drake and Tyson Beckford  too! Let’s see what’s GOING ON WITH YEEZY today!?
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#KanyeWest ANNOUNCES new album #Yandhi! [details]


Kanye West is INDEED a BUSY MAN… HOT off of producing 3 of the HOTTEST album of the summer: Nas, Pusha T, and Teyana Taylor and his OWN album and joint PROJECT with Kid Cudi, Yeezy is STILL on the GRIND.  Kanye just announced the follow-up to ‘Yeezus’ entitled ‘Yandhi’ and also a joint album with Chance the Rapper!!! Continue reading #KanyeWest ANNOUNCES new album #Yandhi! [details]

WAKE UP JAM: #KanyeWest ‘Good Life’ feat. #TPain [vid]


On this day September 11, 2007, Kanye West RELEASED ‘Graduation’ and changed MUSIC! Inspired by stadium tours, house music and indie rock, Graduation marked a departure away from the ornate, soul-based sound of West’s previous releases. He musically progressed to a more anthemic style of composing rap songs that would function well when performing in large arenas. Toward this end, West incorporated layered synthesizer sounds into his hip-hop production and dabbled with electronic music while sampling from a wider spectrum of genres and altering his approach to rapping.

The album debuted at number one on the US Billboard 200, selling over 957,000 copies in its first week of sales. It produced five singles, including the international hits “Stronger”, “Good Life” and “Homecoming”, the former of which topped the Billboard Hot 100. DOPE! Now that’s what you call the ‘Good Life’! SEGUE!! Continue reading WAKE UP JAM: #KanyeWest ‘Good Life’ feat. #TPain [vid]