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Did #50Cent change the #PowerTV theme song back yet? #SnoopDogg WANTS answers! [vid]



There has been UPROAR and IRATE fans BANGING their heads and their TV’s when SEASON 6 OPENED on ‘Power’ and the LEGENDARY theme song had been CHANGED! WE DIDN’T LIKE IT! Joe Thomas–ICONIC BALLADEER and R&B KING, was replaced with TRIGGA TREY SONGZ….

ALTHOUGH we have nothing against TREY….but for this…for the FANS that have been INVESTED since SEASON 1–IT WAS A JARRING CHANGE that we DID NOT LIKE! It just did not fit the MOOD of the SHOW…. The music and more importantly the THEME SONG is almost like another CHARACTER of the show and it sets the MOOD. When we hear ‘It’s a BIG RICH TOWN’… we know some SHIT IS ABOUT TO GO DOWN. Trey Songz’ VERSION was a little LIGHT for me. NOW, if/when ‘Tariq’ gets a SPIN-OFF..that version would work WONDERFULLY for that. BUT for GRITTY ‘Power’ WE DON’T WANT IT–WE DON’T NEED IT!!!! LOL

FOR the FEW that MISSED…. REVISIT the POP-LIKE sounding song: Continue reading Did #50Cent change the #PowerTV theme song back yet? #SnoopDogg WANTS answers! [vid]