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WAKE UP JAM: #JillScott ‘Golden’ [vid]



Still vibing off of the NEW YEAR,NEW ENERGY spirit and HOT off of the GOlden Globes, why not live our lives like is’s ‘Golden’. Jill Scott, tell us HOW!
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#JillScott SUCKS invisible D*CK onstage!! [vid]


GONE, that’s what my mind says…. Well Jill Scott lets us all KNOW the answer to that AGE OLD QUESTION…’WHAT DAT MOUTH DO?’ In a recent show, Jill can be seen SIMULATING oral sex onstage!

To break it down..Jilly from Philly is SUCKING an INVISIBLE DICK at the MIC!!!  Take a LOOK!
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#Froth- A Poem

via Daily Prompt: Froth

Morning comes to soon
The light chases out the shadows of yesterday
Or did it?
One got away and looms over your head

It’s time to wake up
You gotta gotta get up
Every toss and turn takes away from the time

You need it like wine
The elixir of the time
Caffinated bliss
Walking in and out
Its a hit or miss
Two pumps, 1 shot
And then the foam
On top
Power on the bottom

Now you gotta gotta get up
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Moods & Moments: #JillScott ‘Gone’ feat. #PaulWall [vid]










Behind the sterile walls
No room in my mind for more
No room on mine
Wandering, wondering when
If the light will shine again.

At least that what my mind says, but my body is still here
But where is here?
So full of thoughts, yet still
At least that’s what the wasted time says

Trying to keep it together
But failing at best
But my best was less
Less a factor of my own trappings of the mind
Or his sudden decline into insanity

The pool is full and
You are sinking to the bottom
Like a cinder block

At least that what the clock says
as the minutes become DAYS
Hours skipped
Falling, confused then I tripped

I gather my things and move to another place
How long determines how I feel.
Can I be stealth?
Flying under the radar, but still seen by one
Two even.

Still feeling
Feenin for a slice of blood orange
The mean citrus drips down my lips and onto
My tee.
Did it stain, or was that just me
Me looking for an excuse to be a mess

But no excuses needed, just gone
At least that what my mind says.

-Zam Zhinga

Since my past MOODS & MOMENTS are GONE, let’s start some new memories… Let’s melt into the night with Jill Scott’s ‘Gone’ featuring Paul Wall!