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#TikTok: #JasonDerulo STRIPS DOWN for #TheSilhouetteChallenge! [Vid]

Pop star, Jason Derulo GETS NAKED for the #SilhouetteChallenge…kinda.

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#JasonDerulo’s Twitter HACKED! Offensive tweets tracked to #DemiLovato’s house! [Details]

After a SERIES of wild and some offensive tweets circulated around social media…it became clear that ‘Savage Love’ pop STAR, Jason Derulo’s account had obviously been HACKED!

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Thirst Trap Tuesday: #JasonDerulo MAINTAINING during the Holidays! [Pic]

Pop star Jason Derulo may post all types of ooey gooey, sugar-loaded confections on his Tik Tok, but the ‘Swalla’ singer maintains his sculpted physique somehow!

Derulo ABS still in check while most of us have been SLACKING during the holidays!

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#JasonDerulo & his #tiktoks are TRENDING! [VID]

Jason Derulo seems to always be trending for one thing or another, right?

Well..the fans want new music…but Jason is serving up Tik toks…and they are pretty DOPE…..to some…

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#ThirstTrap: #JasonDerulo reminds us that SUMMER is coming! [Pic]

Jason Derulo still THIRST TRAPPIN’ during QUARANTINE! Jason reminds us that SUMMER is coming….are you summer body ready!?

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#JasonDerulo #THIRSTTRAP for #ValentinesDay! [Pic]

It wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without a THIRST TRAP pic from Jason Derulo Right?

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#THIRSTTRAP Thursday battle royale! #TeyanaTaylor vs #JasonDerulo! [Pics]

#Bodygoals!? Thirst trap Thursday.. So who you guys got in this double header match-up…. Teyana Taylor in Jamaica vs Jason Derulo in Bali!

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60 Most Desirable men of the DECADE! #JasonMomoa #IdrisElba #JasonDerulo #MichaelJordan & more! [Pics]

As the DECADE draws to a close..let’s revisit some of the most ‘Desirable Men of the Decade’ including Michael B. Jordan, Idris Elba, Jason Momoa, and more!

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#JasonDerulo RESPONDS to 6-figure porn offer! [Vid]

We reported that a porn company approached Jason Derulo with a 6-figure deal to post ‘Thirst Trap’ comtent to their platform…

Derulo has since RESPONDED to the offer!

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Adult site offers #JasonDerulo 6 figures to post ‘semi-aroused’ thirst trap pics! [Vid]

So it appears that Jason Derulo’s SELF-PROCLAIMED ‘anaconda’ is the gift that keeps on giving! After all the press from his thirst trap photo on IG, (which got removed I might add) an adult site is interested in Jason’s ‘semi aroused’ thirst pics!

[Via TMZ:]

Jason Derulo’s penis is worth 6-figures to a site pushing adult content, and it says he’s welcome to post pics of his junk … without the discrimination he says he’s getting from the ‘gram.

CamSoda is making an offer they hope Jason can’t refuse … up to $500,000 just to share thirst traps of his anaconda over the next 6 months, and he does NOT have to pose nude to get the dough.

Sounds like it could be the easiest money Jason’s ever made. CamSoda says it will create his own page where he can share pics, videos and live streams in his underwear. Although, we’re sure they’d be thrilled if he opted to show his, umm … blessings in the buff.

As you know, Instagram recently removed Jason’s famous underwear pic coming out of a steamy pool in Bali. IG says JD violated the platform’s guidelines by showing off “aroused genitalia.”

Jason says he’s fallen victim to a social media double standard and maintains he wasn’t fully-aroused in the photo.

Semi, fully, or not at all … CamSoda will take Derulo in any phase of arousal, which is why it’s dangling so much cash for his Haitian jewels.

#ThirstTrap Friday: #JasonDerulo posts pics in his draws! Fans go nuts! [Pic/vid]

Jason Derulo was in Bali a while back and took some pics in his draws. After posting the pic to social media, Derulo’s fans are going nuts over his……

Well look for yourself.

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NEW VIDEO: #JasonDerulo #DavidGuetta ‘Goodbye’ feat. #NickiMinaj & #WillyWilliam



Now this is a COLLAB, Jason Derulo teams up with David Guetta, Nicki Minaj, and Willy William for this UPBEAT love BOP!

Follow Jason’s LOVESTORY as two lovers are SEPARATED after a MAGICAL night together in London!  Nicki serves LOOKS and BARS as USUAL on this one!  TAKE A LOOK!!!

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