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#TBT Throwback Thursday #JanetJackson #RockHall2019 Inductee [vids]


LET’s GO BACK!!  WAY BACK, Back when MUSIC was BOMB and the ‘BEEFS’ were few and FAR between!!

After being NOMINATED numerous time, FINALLY, THE ICON, Janet Jackson will be INDUCTED in to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame!!  We are so HAPPY for Janet and it is PAST TIME she received this HONOR.  THE BODY of WORK she has amassed, the accolades bestowed upon her–this is a WELL DESERVED HONOR!  And in the WAKE of this GREAT HONOR, let’s REVISIT the REASON why Janet is the GREAT ENTERTAINER that she is!!

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#JanetJackson to be INDUCTED into the #RockandRollHallofFame! [details]


JANET FAM…we finally did it!! Janet Jackson will be INDUCTED into the ROck & Roll Hall of Fame!!!
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NEW MUSIC: #JanetJackson RELEASES SPANISH version of #MadeForNow with #DaddyYankee! [audio]


Janet Jackson CONTINUES to prove that she is IN CONTROL and ALWAYS has been!  The POP ICON just released a SPANISH version of her #1 HIT, ‘Made For Now’ with Daddy Yankee!
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#JanetJanet WOWS at #MTVEMAs! [video]


Janet JacksoN, 52 PROVES that she is STILL IN CONTROL as she WOWS at the MTV European Music Awards.

Jackson PERFORMED a CROWD-ROUSING set that included her #1 hit, Made For Now and ‘All For U’!

MTV Europe Music Awards 2018 - Show - Bilbao

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#TBT Throwback Thursday ‘#1’s’ Happy Birthday Zam Zhinga! [vids]


It’s the 1st of NOVEMBER , so you know what time it is….. MY BIRTHDAY!! So you know that I am the ONE.. so let’s celebrate SONGS with #1 in common!

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WAKE UP JAM : #JanetJackson ‘Go Deep’ [vid]



Did you know that on this week, Janet Jackson’s ‘The Velvet Rope’ debuted at #1 on the @Billboard 200 Album Chart??

The album peaked within the top five positions of the majority of the global record charts it entered. In the United States, it became Jackson’s fourth consecutive album to top the Billboard 200. Certified triple platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), it has sold over three million copies in the US according to Nielsen SoundScan and an estimated ten million copies worldwide.

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#JanetJackson & #QTip reunite onstage at #GlobalCitizen Fest! [video]


Janet Jackson and Q-Tip REUNITED onstage at this past weekend’s ‘Global Citizen Festival. These two are AGELESS and PROVE that the CLEMISTRY is STILL THERE! The crowd was ELECTRIC!


WATCH: #GlobalCitizen Festival LIVE! CardiB & #JanetJackson! [Livestream]


WATCH the Global Citizen concert LIVE here!


WAKE UP JAM: #BeanieMan ‘Feel It Boy’ feat. #JanetJackson [vid]



While we eek out the LAST days of SUMMER, let’s go to the ISLANDS with Beanie Man and Janet Jackson, ‘Feel It Boy’!!
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WATCH: #BobbyBrown PROFESSES his LOVE for #JanetJackson back in 1989! [vid]


Just IMAGINE if we had SOCIAL MEDIA back in the 80’s and 90’s!? There would be SO MUCH  DRAMA about a lot of our FAVES that would’ve gotten DRAGGED from under the ROCKS and CARPETS and CLOSETS!  Well we are all so DEEP INTO ‘The Bobby Brown Story’, and one of the BIGGEST SCANDALS that we saw ion part 1 was that Bobby and Janet had an AFFAIR while Janet was MARRIED!!!  WHO KNEW!?  Well some may think the scenes were inserted to add DRAMA to an already ACTION-PACKED movie, but let’s follow the CLUES.  The TWO DID date, so its not a FAR-FETCHED idea that that scene we saw did indeed HAPPEN.  But let’s go back to 1989.  Bobby was on BET’s ‘Video Soul’ with Donnie Simpson, and he PROFESSED his LOVE for JANET!  Take a LOOK!!!

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