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WATCH: #TheShopHBO ep 4 #AnthonyDavis #AntonioBrown #JamieFoxx #2Chainz & #JerrodCarmichael [full ep]

HBO Sports is collaborating with LeBron James and Maverick Carter’s digital media company, Uninterrupted, to present the unscripted series The Shop, exclusively on HBO. Offering unfiltered conversation and debate with some of the biggest names in sports and entertainment, the show will air periodically throughout the year.

Anthony Davis and LeBron trade stories about life in the league. Meek Mill breaks down the criminal justice system, and 2 Chainz explains how he got his name. Davis tells LeBron why he’s taking control over his narrative. Jamie Foxx explains why comedians shouldn’t have to be political. Especially him. Antonio Brown explains how his last season in Pittsburgh ended. LeBron praises Kaepernick’s career sacrifice and hopes the football star gets rewarded in the long run and MORE!
WATCH ‘The Shop’ season 1 episode 4 BELOW!

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WAKE UP JAM:#KevinGates ‘Jam’ feat. #TreySongz #TyDollaSign #JamieFoxx [vid]



This song is prolly yo ‘JAM’!!! Kevin Gates assembled a DREAM TEAM of artists for this HIT, right? Jamie Foxx, Trey Songz and Ty Dolla Sign on one TRACK!
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WAKE UP JAM: #JamieFoxx ‘Digital Girl’ feat. #Drake #KanyeWest & #TheDream [vid]



We are going all the way back to 2009!  Jamie Foxx had a HIT on his hands and had a few friends along for the WILD RIDE.  Let’s go back with Foxx’s ‘Digital Girl’ featuring Drake, Kanye West and The-Dream!! Continue reading WAKE UP JAM: #JamieFoxx ‘Digital Girl’ feat. #Drake #KanyeWest & #TheDream [vid]

#BETAwards 2018 was a RATINGS HIT, reports say.[details]


They Did it again, for the 4th consecutive year The BET Awards snags the award for the year’s TOP RATED Award show on cable!

Not SURE HOW, but they did. DESPITE a lot of the A-Listers bailing on the show, lackluster performances, technical issues and Jamie Foxx as the spastic host who was all over the place with his delivery–they did it again! I gave my review of the show in case you missed it [REVISIT HERE]

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The GOOD the BAD and the UGLY from the #BETAwards 18! [details]


On of the BIGGEST NIGHTS in TV just went down in L.A.–the 2018 BET Awards! We are SO glad we still have a PLATFORM to showcase the MAGNIFICENCE that is P.O.C. This is HOME for some that don’t always get the ACCOLADES and the STAGE to share their GIFTS and TALENTS to the world. A show of this magnitude takes a lot of PEOPLE, TIME and THOUGHT to pull off, but that does not mean that some things don;t get glossed over. I mean it IS live TV–anything can happen and it usually does. No matter how many hands and bodies you have on deck to pull this off–there are some VARIABLES that just can not be CONTROLLED. SO we are going to run down the GOOD the BAD and the UGLY of the BET Awards..granted these are simply observations and opinions–NOT THE GOSPEL!

Let’s start this thang off with the GOOD! Continue reading The GOOD the BAD and the UGLY from the #BETAwards 18! [details]

#JamieFoxx TAPPED to host #BETAwards 18! [details]

6th Annual BET Awards - Show

It looks the BET Awards has its HOST and it’s a GOOD one!  Comedian, and Oscar-award winning actor Jamie Foxx will  EMCEE the BIG show this year!!  This marks Foxx’s SECOND time at the mic.  You may remember back in 2009 the ‘ Beat Shazam’  e.p. and host had the DAUNTING task of hosting the show after Michael Jackson’s UNTIMELY death just a few days earlier.  In his [Jackson] honor, the show was REVISED to serve as a memorial and tribute to the fallen star. Continue reading #JamieFoxx TAPPED to host #BETAwards 18! [details]

#Migos drops #SoulTrain inspired visual for ‘Walk It, Talk It’ feat. #Drake [vid]


This is a GOOD LOOK….The Migos just dropped their 70’s tinged visual for ‘Walk It, Talk It’ featuring Drake!

The DAPS-directed video sees the Atlanta trio appearing on a Soul Train inspired set with Jamie Foxx playing the role of ‘Ron Delirious’. CHECK IT OUT! Continue reading #Migos drops #SoulTrain inspired visual for ‘Walk It, Talk It’ feat. #Drake [vid]