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WAKE UP JAM: #Jaheim ‘Fabulous’ [vid]


WAKE IT UP! Jaheim is one of the ALL-TIME best R&B crooners.. That VOICE is legendary…
Remember to start your week off ‘Fabulous’!!

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#Eggplant SUNDAY? #Jaheim setting #THIRSTTRAPS on IG!? [pics]


If it WORKS for The Game, why not Jaheim. Game is NOTORIOUS for dropping TROU and showing his FANS his PACKAGE, so I guess Jaheim wanted to get in on it too.

I mean he has been DRAGGED on social media for looking DUSTY as of late, so why not use IG to get some followers for something POSITIVE, right. Check out Jaheim SHOWCASING his ‘WEIGHT-LOSS’ while at the same time giving the LADIES a look at what he is WORKING WITH!
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