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STAR TRACKS: #ChrisBrown #YoungThug & #Jacquees [pic]

Chris Brown posted a pic of him with Young Thug & Jacquees!

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#KeithSweat makes #Jacquees APOLOGIZE for ‘King of R&B’ SWIPE! [vid]


Jacquees is STILL running around PROCLAIMING he is the ‘King of R&B’. So much so that at V103-Atlanta’s Winterfest, he RAN UP ON Keith Sweat who is TRULY an RB King with more FOOLISHNESS!

Jacquees CLAIMED he was the ‘King of R&B’ NOW for the 16-25 year olds and that Keith Sweat was the king from BACK IN THE DAY! Now isn’t that disrespectful?
Sweat looked visibly ANNOYED, but rebuffed his remark by saying: “I’M STILL GETTING THAT BAG. I DON’T KNOW WHAT HE TALKING BOUT”

Check the AWKWARD encounter here:
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#Jacquees names HIMSELF the ‘King of R&B’ and the real KINGS are AMUSED! [vid]


 maxresdefault (5)

Somehow, just because somebody HYPED Jacquees up about the UNOFFICAL remix he made of Ella Mai’s ‘Trip’—He had the NERVE to name himself the ‘King of R&B’.  TWITTER and the MUSIC WORLD collectively was not amused…actually we are LAUGHING at the thought.


Some REAL KINGS of the GENRE chimed in like Chris Brown, Usher, Tank and MORE!
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NEW MUSIC: #Wale #BlackBonnie feat. #Jacquees [audio]


Wale SURPRISED his fans with a 4-piece..ans we not talking WINGS! He dropped the ‘It’s Complicated’ EP and one of the stand-out cuts from the project is ‘Black Bonnie’ featuring Jacquees! Take a LISTEN!!
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